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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you just eat the apple and water only, you lose 20 pounds

  2. Anon says:

    Proof of the pudding is always in the eating. Try it and find out – but follow it day by day as directed and include your 2 litres of water and sip slowly, dont gulp it or it will give you stomach ache.

  3. janifer says:

    If you try this what you have written here, how much time will it take in effect? I mean result

  4. James says:

    I am in the process of using this method to lose weight (although, I am only doing apples and water). The first day, I lost 1.3 pounds. The second day, lost 2.7 pounds. The third day, lost 2.7 as well. The fourth day, I lost 1.6 pounds. It definitely works. Eating one apple, made me feel full for hours on end. I even ate them with peanut butter. Best tasting apples imo are SweeTangos, they are in season August through November-ish. My problem is I have an overpowering sweet tooth, love soft drinks and hate exercise. Lately, I reverted back to drinking soft drinks at night (and one or two throughout the day, I know I’m not being good…grrr), haven’t shed pounds like I did when I started this. Although, I am still below my weight when I started (about 3 weeks ago) So, I need to get back to what I did the first four days. I could see easily losing 30 pounds in 30 days by going with apples/water only. Best of luck to everyone.

  5. Yemsrach says:

    Eat only morning grapefruit lunch salad dinner Apple ,,,,, I drink 2 liter water,,,,,in seven days so how much loose?

  6. Ray says:

    I’m on day 2 of an apple diet cleanse. Just eating apples. I’m also taking mct oil mixed with my morning coffee (black). I plan on doing this for at least one more day then I’m going to slowly add additional foods slowly like nuts, eggs, peanut butter, and vegetables

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