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Macrobiotic Diet Food List

When choosing foods for the macrobiotic diet, you will find there are foods you can consume daily, occasionally and foods you will need to avoid. There are also certain amounts/percentages daily of each food type you are allowed. Below is a full list of foods allowed with a basic macrobiotic diet. Keep in mind that depending...

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The Macrobiotic Diet – Basics, Cooking Methods, Exercise and Other Guidelines

What is the Macrobiotic Diet? The Basics There have been several versions of the Macrobiotic Diet over the years, some more strict than others. The standard Macrobiotic diet is mostly vegan and is considered a low-fat diet. Following the Macrobiotic diet, you will consume seasonal, local and fresh foods. Food items such as, whole grains, vegetables,...

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Macrobiotic Diet – Questions & Answers

What is the best cooking method for the macrobiotic diet? The macrobiotic diet allows for several ways to prepare and cook foods. Boiling, pressure cooking, steaming and even quick sauteing are all acceptable. You may even be able to occasionally broil, bake or even fry some foods. Stay away from using microwaves and other such electronic/unnatural...