Get Rid of Acne Using Proven All Natural Ingredients from Home

If you suffer acne more than the occasional pimple or boil, please allow me to demonstrate how natural treatments can cure your problem and leave you with beautifully clear skin. You don’t have to live with acne and the embarrassment it often causes. Most acne sufferers complain about the useless treatments which fill the drugstore shelves. While some may work for some people there are skin and acne types that none of these treatments work for. And, there’s a lot of junk for sale that doesn’t work at all. Most products seem to work for a couple of weeks but then they quit working altogether. Like shampoo, acne products will strip your skin of the compounds your other treatment was leaving, allowing your acne to temporarily clear up, but then your new treatment leaves residue that builds up allowing acne to resurface.

Fortunately, it is easy to see why most of these products fail. Most all of these products are designed to get rid of existing pimples, instead of treating the problem at its source, your acne. Most people that can’t use the over the counter treatments try prescription drugs. Much of the time prescription drugs don’t treat the problem either, they just mask it, or the prescription is too strong and does more damage than help to your skin.

There are many factors which cause acne. In order to obtain an effective cure, one has to identify and treat each particular acne type and problem that is causes. In treating acne, you have to treat the symptoms, only then will the problem be cured. The main causes of acne are, skin irritants, blocked or impacted pores and bacteria. Eliminate all of these and you will see clearer skin with no acne problems.

Most effective treatments are a combination of products. When used in combination with each other the effect provides a long term and successful cure. These treatments act as a battle plan against your acne and will often involve a dedicated regimen of facial wash, moisturizer and a spot cream.

Many people express surprise at how simple this really is to accomplish. Unfortunately, the majority of companies have chosen to ignore these facts, perhaps for the sake of increased profits, and continue to market their product as the single need for all acne treatment. So, shop smart, buy what you know works, or buy small amounts of product (or borrow a week’s worth from a friend) and see if it works before getting lots of product. Make sure you get a moisturizer, facial wash, and a pimple cream and make sure they all come separate. If all comes in one tube you will damage your skin with too much of the spot cream. Shop smarter and you will find newer, healthier looking skin in no time.

2 Small Tips on Using Natural Ingredients to Treat Acne:

For face washing, honey is the best natural ingredient for it. Honey can softly remove dirt without stripping away the natural oils on your skin. Learn how to clean your face with honey.

For diet, lime is a great idea to treat acne. Lime juice is full of vitamin C and flavonoids. They contain antioxidant, antibiotic and disinfectant agents which are very beneficial for clear skin. At home, you can make lime ice lolly yourself and eat a sweet piece of them every night after dinner.

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