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Choose the Best of Diets for you This Season

There are several reasons to go on a diet – from wanting to be bikini-ready, to ensuring you are the optimal weight for your build. Staying healthy and trim is the basis of a good lifestyle. Diets come and go, and while some work, others don’t. There are those that have stood the test of time and continue to remain popular. Here is a look at some of the most famous diets and why one of them could work miracles for you.

The Paleo Diet – This is a throwback to the diets followed during the agricultural revolution. You won’t be touching any dairy or grains and will not have foods that have been processed. Your diet will consist of a lot of meat, seafood and fruits. The advantage is that you still eat wholesome food despite being on a diet.

Cabbage Soup Diet – This is a week-long diet designed to help lose weight almost instantly. Cabbage soup remains the central focus of every meal, or any other vegetable soup for that matter. It is coupled with a few other key ingredients. The advantage is how soon you will be able to lose weight visibly.

Atkins Diet – This is a diet that helps you lose weight and improve on memory. It focuses on low-carb eating. This decreases your insulin levels. It is also a diet partial to fatty foods. It’s been an enduring diet for a long while now.

HCG Diet – hCG is a reference to a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin. There are several products available off the counter that contain this and guarantee that you will lose weight, but the after-effects can be dangerous.

Gluten-free Diet – Gluten is a substance found in some popular grains. Individuals suffering from celiac disease and others can’t tolerate. Cutting this substance from your diet will give you immense relief from stomachaches, head pains as well as a weak stomach.

Dukan Diet – This is a four-phase low carb diet that starts you off on low-fat and high-protein foods. After a while, you include vegetables and then gradually all the foods that it initially forbids. From this list of permitted foods, you can have your fill whenever you like. It offers a sense of balance and does not leave you craving.

Dr. Oz Diet – The ever popular Dr, Oz says that smaller helpings of food made from fresh produce, proteins that are lean and whole grains can help you lose as much as 100 calories each day.

The South Beach Diet – This diet was created to give you a healthy heart. It also works at reducing weight levels. It’s hard to have a healthy heart if you’re overweight. It limits carbs and encourages healthy fats. All through the diet, you are encouraged to eat small portions and be smart about your snacking.

17-day diet – This diet consists of 3 sets of 17-day diets at the end of which you have another 17-day cycle as a follow-up. With this diet, you lose weight, There is no monotony, and you help speed up your metabolism by avoiding sugar as well as processed and fried foods.

Dash diet – If you need to lose weight and decrease your blood pressure, this is the diet for you. More than being a weight loss program, it is a guide that helps you choose smarter meals as well as snacks leading to weight loss. On this diet, you will eat a lot of whole grains as well as fruits and vegetables and a lot of low-fat dairy products. Fish and meat are also on the cards.

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