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Psychotherapy refers to the treatment of psychological disorders and mental distress by using talk therapy and psychological techniques. It aims to help one understand their feelings and equip them to tackle a new challenge in the present and future. It helps one deal with depression, anxiety, grief, addiction, bipolar disorder, and low self-esteem. North Chelmsford psychotherapy & counseling helps you and your family members tackle emotional well-being through integrative therapies.

Types of psychotherapy

The format of psychotherapy varies depending on the needs of the patient and the style of the therapist. The following are some of the formats you will encounter at Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC;

Individual therapy. It involves working one on one with your therapist to help control emotional distress.

Couple therapy. Involves working with couples to help them overcome relationship issues and improve how they function.

Family therapy. It involves various members of the family and centers on improving the dynamics within the family.

Group therapy. It involves individuals who share a common goal, such as helping them to deal with addiction.

Online therapy. It helps those who have tight schedules and mobility problems to get psychotherapy treatment for anxiety, depression, and other mental issues.

Cognitive therapy. It helps to identify cognitive distortions to improve your moods and overall well-being.

Animal-assisted therapy. Involves working with dogs, horses, and other animals to bring comfort, help with communication and cope with trauma.

Creative art therapy. Use dance, music, drama, art, and poetry to relieve depression.

Play therapy. It helps children to identify and talk about their emotions and feelings.

Psychotherapy techniques

The approaches used in each situation vary depending on the therapist’s training background, client preference, and the nature of the client’s problem.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

It helps to change negative thoughts and maladaptive behaviors due to distress and problematic behaviors. It helps to treat phobias, addiction, anxiety, low self-esteem, eating disorders, and depression.

Dialectical behavioral therapy

It uses classical, operant, and social conditioning to help alter problematic behaviors.

Humanistic therapy

It helps you maximize your potential and capacity to make rational choices by stressing the importance of a free will, self-actualization, and self-exploration.

Psychoanalytic therapy

Psychodynamic therapy focuses on changing problematic behaviors, feelings, and thoughts, delving into unconscious meanings and motivation.

Supportive therapy

It uses guidance and encouragement to help you build self-esteem, reduce anxiety and strengthen your coping mechanism to help improve social functioning.

Issues treated with psychotherapy

Psychotherapy helps to treat mental health and help you cope with various conditions, including;

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety disorders and depression
  • Bipolar, compulsive, and eating disorders
  • Phobia and grief
  • Substance use disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Divorce, break-up, and relationship problems
  • Insomnia, chronic pain, and severe illness
  • Low self-esteem and stress management

Psychotherapy benefits

  • Improvement in communication skills
  • Greater awareness of negative thoughts and healthier pattern of thinking
  • Improving and getting stronger family bonds
  • More extraordinary coping strategies to manage distress
  • Ability to make healthier choices and more significant insights into your life

Talk to your therapist today

Psychotherapy helps persons with various mental health issues ranging from overcoming stress and anxiety to bipolar disorders. Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC therapists use holistic therapies and medication such as antidepressants and antianxiety for a personal treatment plan; therefore, make an appointment with them to regain your emotional well-being.

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