Beauty Tips from Your Favorite Celebrities

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Most people are mesmerized by world famous pop stars and actresses. They often think that these women are goddesses with standards of beauty they can never attain. It is possible to look like your favorite celebrity. In fact, some of them recently shared some beauty tips that you may want to follow and some of them recognized they use tips from their fans.

Truth about Celebrity Beauty

Famous actresses and other stars seem to glow when they step onto the stage. Many people attribute their beauty to either great genes or a lot of plastic surgery. Both these factors probably play a role, but basic cosmetics do as well. Most celebrities are still beautiful when they aren’t wearing any makeup. However, they don’t stand out nearly as much from other attractive womenon the street. The truth is that ordinary women can look just like them if they follow the same practices.

Beauty Tips from Some of Your Favorite Celebrities

Some celebrities try to keep their beauty practices as secret as possible. However, many are willing to openly share what they do so that other women can benefit from it. Here are some tips that they have shared:

Jacqueline Emerson on Natural Beauty

Jacqueline Emerson dazzled many people when she played Foxface on the Hunger Games. Emerson recently shared some tips for other women who want to look great. Emerson said that it isn’t necessary to wear a ton of makeup. She is also a strong believer in natural beauty. Emerson recently said that colored eyeliner is all any woman needs to look great. She said that the trick is to put it on under the waterline.

Coco Jones on Mascera

Coco Jones is one of the biggest Disney stars. She recently revealed that she uses a little powder to look her best. Jones said that the mascara is called Lash Accelerator. She said that it is the one thing that helped make her eyelashes look great.

Ashley Rickards on Eye Shadow

You may know Ashley Rikards from the show Awkward. Rickards recently revealed some of her beauty tips as well. She said that she doesn’t really wear a lot of makeup when she goes out. In fact, there are only a couple of accessories in her beauty bag. Rickards wears some eye shadows and a little makeup to go over them. Rickards said it isn’t necessary to buy anything fancy. She only wears simple black eye shadow when she goes out. The trick is to make sure that you layer it in a way that works for you.

You Can Look Like One of Your Idols!

Many people spend a lot of time obsessing over their favorite celebrities. However, most of them don’t look much different than other attractive women. You can achieve similar standards of beauty without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. Their tips may be a good starting point, but you will still need to experiment a bit. You want to make sure that you find accessories that work for you.

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