The Cheapest Way to Cater a Party

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Whether it is a birthday party or a Super Bowl get-together, these scenarios present a dilemma for some hosts. The question many pose is, ‘how can I cater this group without spending a lot of money?’ The good news is there are many ways to cater a party, and it is possible to do it on a budget. Skip the fancy appetizers and food servers and focus on the factors that help keep things on a budget. These include the cuisine, venue and extras.

Choose a Cuisine Where You Get More for Your Money

Certain types of food cost more than others. So, when looking to save money, consider serving a cuisine that gives people more for fewer dollars out of your pocket. A brunch may be a good idea if you are hosting a late morning event because eggs and other breakfast-type foods are relatively cheap. If you are looking for an afternoon or evening event, consider Italian, such as pasta or pizza, or Mexican, as you can feed a crowd inexpensively with these cuisines.

Search Restaurants for Specials

Once you decide on a cuisine, search for specials online. You can find the cheapest pizza specials to help feed a crowd, or you may be able to get a discount for a large order. This may take a little time and effort to conduct a search, but the money you can save is worth it.

Choose the Right Venue

A big part of the cost of hosting a party is the venue, so choose wisely. If you have a big enough place, consider hosting it at your house, especially if you have a big yard and it is nice weather. If you live in an apartment complex, there may be a clubhouse you can rent for the event. Other cost-saving options include a park or a community center.

Cut Down on Extras

A cheap way to cater a party is to keep things simple and minimize optional extras. When you have something like pizza and the best BBQ chicken wings, the only extras you really need to consider are paper plates, parmesan cheese, ranch or blue cheese dressing, hot pepper flakes and lots of napkins. You can skip warming dishes and silverware, and you definitely do not need to hire a catering staff to serve the guests.

Keep it Casual

One way to keep the total costs down when you cater a party is to keep it casual. You do not need fancy decorations or lighting. Order pizza and BBQ chicken wings delivery; throw some water, sodas and beer into a cooler; put out some casual sitting areas and relax. When you have a casual setting, guests are more comfortable, and people often have a better time than in a stuffy, formal setting. It also allows the host to mingle with guests as opposed to worrying about putting out food or other details.

Throwing a party does not need to be difficult, expensive or stressful. The next time you host an event, skip the formalities and consider these tips to cater a fun and affordable party that is also stress free.

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