A Car Accident Attorney Can Provide a Checklist of What You Need to Do After You Are Involved in a Car Accident

As claimed by the insurance industry under a report brought forth by Forbes in 2011, an average person is at risk of undergoing at least one auto collision every 17.9 years. That extrapolates to 3-4 accidents per capita throughout an average human life.

However, recurrent; a car accident is a traumatic state of affairs. The aftermath of such barbaric occurrence often triumphs over human rationality. Such unforeseen damage calls attention to the need for exposure to all potential courses of action in the wake of an accident. Through the checklist, we intend to counsel wise maneuvering through the labyrinthine complications of an auto-crash:

Recover Your Composure 

It is likely for such a sudden traumatic event to rattle you, and that is where the need to protect your sanity comes in. It is essential that you actively respond against the escalating adrenaline rush your body may happen to be under the influence of, rather than submitting to its reactive intensity. Practice breathing exercises, give yourself some space and regain your train of thought.

Seek Medical Attention 

Once you take stock of the situation at hand, it is necessary to check up on all occupants, yourself included, for any severe injury that may need immediate tending. Arrange an ambulance for all such emergency cases. Apart from that, make certain that each passenger withstands a thorough medical examination within the succeeding 24 hours.

Involve the Authorities 

The accident must be reported to the police, especially in the case of any damage or injury. Let them carry out an extensive assessment of the affairs and do not hold back on facts and figures. The generated report will hold great significance, attributable to its in-depth incorporation of all relevant details when pursuing a lawsuit settlement.

Assemble All Evidence 

Your reconstruction of the circumstances must root from the evidence beyond your innate memory. Presuming you have the means and health to self-investigate, capture images of the scene and surrounding areas and gather yourself a witness or two.

In an otherwise scenario, ensure the safe preservation of all accessible surveillance footage, accident images, and paperwork. In essence, you must have all relevant information at hand to strengthen your claim later.

Avoid Any Claims of Responsibility

Refrain from going down the rabbit hole of accountability. It is advised to not bring to fault any of the involved parties, yourself included, until all particulars are investigated and reported. This helps safeguard you from liability in later procedures.

Monitor Your Expenses 

It is wise to keep up with expenditures should you settle for a settlement later in time. This includes any legal costs, medical bills, property damage, lost wages, etc.

Contact Auto-Insurance 

Reach out to your own insurance company so as to sow the seeds of recovering compensation. On the contrary, avoid explicit communication with the opposing company unless advised by your attorney.

Get Yourself a Lawyer 

Immediately acquaint yourself to an attorney; preferably one who is specialized with regards to car accidents. This is vital to safeguard your legal rights of compensation and get going with the negotiations.

An experienced lawyer will be familiar to undisrupted navigation towards an auto insurance claim or even better; a profitable lawsuit settlement.


Dealing with the repercussions of a car accident may be subject to variation when bearing in mind the specifics of an isolated incident. Yet, it all comes down to the same basic framework with a desperate need for conscious action.

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