Top Budget-Friendly and Easy To Implement Wedding Entertainment Ideas


Weddings are not only about brides, grooms, food, decoration, and wedding favors. They are also about your guests. Your guests are one of the principal reasons behind the success and failure of your wedding function.

When it comes to wedding guests, keeping them hooked throughout the ceremony is also an art. You must have noticed in numerous wedding ceremonies that guests hop on to the ceremony, eat their share of food items, and immediately left the function. It is because those wedding functions have the dearth of entertainment sources for guests.

If you want your wedding function to stand apart from the pack, and doesn’t want your guests to leave the wedding function right after eating the food, you have to induce numerous entertainment sources for guests. Before we throw down the list of budget-friendly entertainment sources to inculcate for your guests, we recommend you to choose exemplary wedding lawns in delhi which allows you to host all the below mentioned entertainment options without much of a hitch. Let’s get started with our list.

  1. Rope in A Magician

The most daunting task for parents is to keep their little tots under control in the wedding function. Out of curiosity, kids have this habit of running here and there at the wedding. It becomes strenuous for parents to take care of their kids all the time.

However, when you bringing a magician onboard for the entertainment, you can make sure to grab everyone’s attention especially children and keep them entertained throughout the ceremony. Professional magicians have a lot of intriguing tricks in their kitty which can keep your guests hooked for hours, and doesn’t make a dent in your pocket as well.

  1. Fireworks

A bit exorbitant but sure-shot way to flabbergast your guests and keep them hooked till the end of your wedding ceremony. In most Indian weddings, you will find the use of fireworks at various moments like Baraat ceremony, entry of brides and grooms, and the list go on. Rope in professional fireworks services who can keep the firework going in your function and stun your guests again and again.

  1. Photo Booth

Undeniably, a wedding photo booth is one of the most sought-after entertainment sources among couples who seek to entertain their guests.

A photo booth is your one-stop source to take endless selfies with various props and frames and upload your clicked pictures instantly on social media platforms. Your guests will definitely stop for a long time and click numerous photographs when they will come to know about the photo booth option. The best part about going for wedding photo booths are they are available on rental as well.

  1. Flash Mob

As titillating as it sounds, roping in a flash mob for your guests’ entertainment is one of the best things you can invest on to spruce up wedding vibes manifold times. Nowadays, most of the destination weddings planners suggest couples go for flash mob if they want to surprise guests out of the blue.

Before you bring a flash on board, make sure to check shortlisted flash mobs previous performances to ensure you are draining your hard-earned money at the right place.

  1. Juggler

How can we miss the ever-classic circus activity juggling? Juggling still is one of the most sought-after entertainment activities among youth in the world. You can hire a professional juggler who is proficient in juggling with various objects to entertain your guests thoroughly. Some professional jugglers are also great comedians. They can induce the element of comedy along with juggling to take the overall entertainment notches-higher.

This is all about budget-friendly entertainment options that you can opt to include in your wedding. Include the best one and make your wedding function a stellar affair!

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