Getting the Word Out: The Dos and Don’ts of Marketing Your Cannabis Dispensary


Since the legalization of marijuana, states like Maine and Massachusetts adopting it at the recreational level lately. Earlier on, states like California and Colorado had already adopted.

With the legalization of marijuana in countries like United States, it is important that you know how exactly to market your dispensary. Some of the tactics you apply in marketing your dispensary can cost you. So, there’s need to understand what the federal laws requires of you. Below are the Dos and Don’ts of marketing your cannabis dispensary.

Know the Law and Follow It

Ignorance can never be used in a court of law. If you don’t know anything, it is better to inquire or do your research well to avoid charges. Variety of products can be marketed with freedom, but not for a cannabis dispensary. There are tons of rules and regulations put in place to help set things right. These rules are greatly tied to political movements and therefore, they need to be carefully looked into before you decide to do your marketing.

Leafy is a great resource you can use to point out to you some of these rules so that you don’t act out of ignorance. Leafy gives details of the laws and regulations applying to each state within the United States. After all, no one is going to pardon you in a court of law because you didn’t know. The rule of law must always apply to all.

Step Up Your SEO Game

Marketing is a game and the more brilliant the better. In fact, you need to be SEO savvy to set yourself apart from the crowd. After all, most people browse through products and services before making a purchase decision. So, what if they search through the search engines and don’t find your dispensary? Will they know of it? The truth is they won’t know your dispensary exist.

To be sure that your dispensary ranks high on Google; on the first page of course, type the location+dispensary name and see if your dispensary ranks anywhere on page one of Google. If it doesn’t rank anywhere on page one, you need to be worried because there are no sales you’ll be making. If you feel like you’re not confident, try marketing agencies such as Foottraffik Marketing.

You need to use the right keywords on your pages to increase your ranking. Remember not to insert a lot of keywords on your pages because Google can punish you for that. There has been sites that have been penalized for Google and they no longer rank on Google.

Build Your Brand Name

Brand is an important aspect in your business; you can easily break it or make it. Don’t just market the normal way other dispensaries are marketing. Be the reference point. Make your clients believe that you’re the best and your dispensary has the best professionals that can attend to them.

Customers are human being and they need experts to handle them. They don’t need average people who will be putting their lives at risk. So, don’t hire average people. Go for qualified people who can offer services to their level best.

Final Thoughts

Marketing isn’t that technical as you perceive it is. Marketing is just a mindset game and the more psychological you are, the more likely you’ll convert prospects into real clients. You don’t need to be tech savvy to market your cannabis dispensary well. You just need to implement the Dos and avoid the Don’s above.

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