Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Cataracts – Including Treatment

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Cataracts are cloudy areas in the eye lens that cause blurry vision and trouble with vision at night. Although they do not form simultaneously in both eyes, patients might find themselves with cataracts affecting both eyes, especially older adults. According to statistics, nearly 50% of citizens in America undergo cataract surgery before they reach 80 years. Book an appointment today with Atlanta Vision Cataract and Laser Center to regain a clear vision with the latest and most effective treatment methods. Below is everything you need to know about this condition.

Types of Cataracts

  •       Nuclear cataracts: It is the most common form of cataract and occurs to many in their advancing years. They form on the nucleus and get worse with time. In the end, you experience a yellow hardened cataract that makes it difficult to see colors and small objects.
  •       Cortical cataracts: They take the shape of your cortex but start as white wedges. With these cataracts, you have a hazy vision, difficulty telling colors apart, and trouble telling how far objects are. They should be removed as soon as you begin experiencing symptoms.
  •       Posterior subcapsular cataracts: These cataracts form inside the back of the lens, therefore blocking the light passing through the lens. They occur very fast, and symptoms begin within the first 30 days.
  •       Congenital cataracts: These cataracts are related to genes, meaning the child is born with them, or they develop soon after birth. The small ones are not a concern, but the larger ones that block vision must be removed as soon as possible.
  •       Traumatic cataracts: Injuries to the eye or a burn may result in the formation of a cataract. This could form immediately or a long time after an injury.

What are the risk factors of cataracts?

Cataracts can either be related to the genes or acquired through secondary means. If there is no member of your family with the condition, it may result from diabetes, overexposure to sunlight, smoking, obesity, old age, and heavy use of alcohol. Additionally, others may form from certain medications, such as cancer treatments. You should speak to your doctor if you suspect medication to be the source of your problem.

Treatment of Cataracts

Technology has now made it possible for patients to have a replacement of damaged lenses. The doctor begins with numbing the eye to ease any discomfort and pain. They then use laser incisions to break and remove the cloudy cataract before inserting an artificial lens. Patients can choose the type of lens to restore full vision without the need to wear glasses ever again.

Prevention of Cataracts

To prevent cataracts, you have to manage the risk factors. This means that you quit smoking, maintain a healthy weight, wear glasses to protect eyes from UVB rays, and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

If you begin seeing films over the eyes or a blurred vision, do not wait until the condition has progressed. You should seek medical attention for diagnosis and treatment. It is also essential to attend checkups at least once a year because the doctor can recognize most of these conditions in their early stages. Book an appointment with Atlanta Vision Cataract and Laser Center to begin treatment.

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