Top 6 Main Things to Consider Before Buying a Toothbrush


Chances are you have been using a toothbrush from an early age and there is no doubting that they have become an everyday activity, so much so, that you don’t even think much about doing it anymore, it’s just a part of your daily routine. But the reality is that you need to pay keen attention to your toothbrush as they should be replaced regularly.

Before we take you through the top 6 main things to consider before buying a toothbrush, here are a few signs that your current toothbrush needs a placement.

Why you should replace your toothbrush

Research has shown that toothbrushes can be a nest for up to ten million germs and bacteria. And with toothbrushes being a haven for microorganisms, it does not mean they spell doom for your health, especially if you make sure your toothbrush is dry after every use. But if you are bent on keeping them in check, and ensure removal of more plaque from your teeth, then consider going for a new one.

How can you tell when a toothbrush is worn out?


The ideal way is to look at several features. First, check whether the bristles are bent or crooked and whether there is any debris at the bottom of the bristles. If any of these occur it is worth looking for a new toothbrush.

The toothbrush you are going for should fit perfectly in your hand and most importantly should be able to reach every crevice in your mouth. It should feature the right design for easy removal of plaque, which should not mean causing any damage to the teeth.

Top 6 Main Things to Consider before Buying a Toothbrush reviewed by Redshed.

1. Does it have a tongue cleaner?


Whilst cleaning your teeth could be the only thing on your mind, it is also crucial to remember to clean your tongue too. Therefore, you should consider going for a toothbrush that features a tongue cleaner, usually located at the back of the toothbrush. This feature offers enhanced hygiene, as it helps prevent the buildup of germs on your tongue over a period of time.

2. Look out for the bristles


Another tip to keep your eyes on is the bristles of the brush. You might find the hard bristles more satisfying in order to know that you have done a good job. However, these come with a downside, as they could easily compromise the safety of your gums as well as the teeth, therefore it might be worth trying the soft bristle brush. Nevertheless, these bristles come in different styles for your choice.

* Flat – All the bristles are similar in length.

* V-shaped – Gives you better contact with the tooth surroundings.

* Multilevel trim – Reaches crevices that are usually difficult to clean.

3. Ensure the grip is right


Brushes vary in virtually every aspect, from the sizes to the shapes, the heft and much more. And just like the other factors, determining the correct grip is only a matter of preference. If you have small hands, a sleek one will be an ideal fit, and a bigger one will do for someone with large hands, so it is all about getting a more comfortable grip that will feel best in your hand.

Handles vary regarding styles too. Some are straight and are quite easy to control. Others have a non-slip grip, which prevents it from slipping off your hand during use. Some are at an angle, ideal for comfortably reaching all areas in your mouth. There are also flexible ones, which help prevent injury to the gums which could be caused by excessive brushing.

4. The head could mean all the difference too

Since people have different mouth sizes, it always calls for the use of different types of brushes, especially when it comes to the head of the item. It is wise to look for a brush that can quickly reach every part of your mouth, and the smaller heads go a long way here.

Another thing you need to consider is the shape of the brush head. Some are broad and can efficiently reach every tooth, whilst others feature a tapered head for reaching the posterior teeth. So, again, it’s all about the comfort and efficiency when it comes to cleaning every part of your mouth.

5. Manual or electric brushes?


Choosing between a manual and an electric toothbrush is a decision that usually stuns most users and has seen a long debate over the years. At the bottom line, it is all about going for what works best for you. The electric toothbrush can boost your oral hygiene and health with increased efficiency when it comes to reducing plaque and preventing gingivitis. But the cost can be a bit higher for some users, and some users just prefer going the old school way, really, it’s a matter of choice.

6. Spoilt for choice? Seek expert opinion

In case you are not sure which toothbrush to go for, you could consider seeking a recommendation from your dentist. As an expert in the dental field, a dentist would be in a better position to recommend a quality toothbrush, but if you are unable to reach one while shopping, no need to worry yet. You can always check for a label on most toothbrushes, which can inform you on the quality controls employed in their make, or their level of safety.


Finding the right toothbrush out there might not be an easy feat, but it usually goes a long way to look for an option that can get you covered. For as much as you will need to keep your teeth clean, you still don’t want to end up with a damaged gum due to improper brushing.

What’s more, ideally you don’t want to use a brush that can cause fatigue in your hands or even leaves bruised spots in your mouth. It all starts with finding the right brush for the job. Whichever brush you get out there, make sure to keep it dry to avoid any contamination that might put you at risk of oral diseases.

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