Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is an incredible addition to dental care that helps many people save teeth and avoid unnecessary extractions. While most patients have a serious concern that the treatment will be painful, new modern technologies and aesthesia options guarantee a mostly pain-free procedure. In recent years, most patients who have undergone root canal treatment are six times more likely to describe it as a painless experience than those who have it removed. While you are likely to enjoy a pain-free experience when you have a root canal performed by Endodontic Consultants of San Antonio, it is crucial to understand the benefits of this procedure. It will help you decide whether or not it is right for you.

If you are suffering from an infected tooth, there are a lot of reasons to consider root canal treatment, and the following are some of them:

Pain-free procedure

Unlike having your tooth removed, root canal treatment is virtually painless, and chances are it will leave you with minor discomfort. Thanks to modern technology and anesthesia options, patients who choose root canal treatment are six times more likely to describe the experience as pain-free than those that choose to have their tooth extracted.

Saving the natural tooth

While there are many clinical reasons why root canal treatment is good for you, you cannot underestimate the value of keeping your natural tooth. It allows you to retain your natural smile and continue eating the foods that you enjoy the most. Remember, once you get rid of your natural tooth, you do not have the option of getting them back ever again. If you have undergone root canal treatment and take proper care of your teeth, they can last a lifetime.

Stops spreading of infection to the neighboring teeth

Tooth decay is usually a result of an infection in the tooth cavity. With root canal treatment, the bacteria causing the infection is removed then the tooth is cleaned and disinfected. It stops the cause of toothache or tooth decay. Likewise, after the treatment, the bacteria will not have room to spread.


When you have infected teeth, they will most likely turn yellow, brown, or even black due to the bacteria building up in the tooth’s pulp. Such discoloration does not respond to teeth whitening. Thankfully by crowning the tooth, anyone can cover the discoloration and enjoy a natural smile. Please note that the final result of a root canal is a crown that looks like a natural tooth and functions like one. Getting root canal treatment allows you to preserve your natural tooth, allowing you to keep your options open should you want to get dental implants or bridges in the future.

If you visit your dentist, they will first decide whether your affected tooth can be salvaged and if you should seek the help of an endodontist. Your affected tooth will only be referred to get extracted if it is wholly decayed and full of pulp or bacteria. After you get your root canal treatment, you will be well on your way to resurrecting that beaming natural smile once again.

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