Top 5 Situations Requiring Emergency Dental Care

While many common dental complications can wait for an appointment, some situations can be too frightening and painful to wait. This calls for medical attention as soon as possible, and you have to seek emergency dental care. Juan M. Carrillo, DMD, offers emergency dentistry in Richmond and can help you in your desperate point of need. But many people are often tempted to wait before seeking urgent help due to failure to understand how certain complications threaten their oral health and overall well-being every second they are not attended to. Therefore, note the following situations that should not wait for treatment.

Unbearable Toothache

It would be best not to endure any pain as it tells you that something in your body is incorrect. While you can temporarily manage a mild or intermittent toothache with over-the-counter medications until you book the next appointment, the pain can be persistent beyond your medications, and you should seek emergency care. It can be a sign of decay or infection that ought to be addressed as soon as possible. Your emergency dentist will do all they can to help you get relief as they work out a treatment plan to manage your specific cause of the pain.

You Break a Tooth

While you might not require emergency care if your broken tooth causes no pain, sometimes you can experience extreme pain, and it can be necessary to contact your emergency dentist. You will not only get pain relief, but you increase your chances of saving your tooth. Clean the broken tooth with saliva and avoid touching it until you get the care you need. If a piece is out, you can place it in a cup of milk to preserve it for any chances of attaching it back.

Knocked-Out Tooth

When you knock out one or several teeth, you should see an emergency dentist immediately to try to save your tooth. It can be possible to replant the teeth back in place if you seek help in time. You can also try to fix the tooth back yourself but with care not to touch the root as you wait for your emergency doctor. Only touch the crown and avoid forcing it back to avoid further complications. If you can put your tooth back in its socket, gently bite it over a paper towel for about 20 minutes as you contact an emergency dentist.

Unexplained Toothaches

In most cases, you experience pain due to an injury you can account for, but if you experience unexplained, severe, and persistent pain, contact your emergency dentist. It can be a sign of infection and gum disease, or you can have an abscessed tooth in the worst-case scenario. While you might want to try some home remedies first, please reach out to your dentist as soon as possible when the severity increases. You can also feel your gums to feel any additional symptoms such as bumps.

Bleeding Gums

It is normal to notice some blood after flossing or brushing, mainly if you were diagnosed with gum disease earlier. But if the bleeding is continuous and becomes extreme, it is time to seek emergency care. Suppose the bleeding is accompanied by other symptoms such as pain and swelling. In that case, it can be a sign of periodontal disease, and seeking urgent care can help you get some relief and prevent further complications.

Any abnormality that you might be experiencing in your teeth, gums, or mouth is worth emergency dental care. Reach out to Juan M. Carrillo, DMD, to learn more. It would be better to be sure that you are doing the right thing even when trying home remedies.

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