Breast Diseases, What You Should Know



Did you know that one in every eight women in the US will have breast cancer at some point in their lifetime? Regular screening allows early detection of the disease, enhancing successful treatments. Sadly, breast cancer is a killer disease where a woman dies every minute worldwide.

Casper breast disease specialist Jacob Rinker, MD at Wyoming Medical Associates, offers expert care to treat various breast diseases, including breast cancer. If you have breast cancer, it is never too late, and there is hope. Contact Dr. Rinker to find out more about breast disease treatments.

What are the different types of breast diseases?

Breast diseases occur in various forms, including infections, cysts, and growths that can be painful or without pain. Usually, many individuals are fearful of breast cancer, not knowing many other conditions can affect their breasts.

The growths can be cancerous hence can spread, or they can be noncancerous. The most common breast diseases are painful breasts, cysts, mastitis, benign lumps, and breast cancer.

Women need to be aware of their breasts’ appearance and feel. It helps them to notice any changes when it occurs. Thus, it is recommendable for women aged 50-74 to have a free mammogram every two years.

Breast cancer is common in women; however, it can also affect men at a deficient percentage.

Some of the common breast diseases include:

Fibrocystic breasts

Fibrocystic breasts involve breast lumps. They usually develop prior to menstruation and are painful. The lumps are movable and noncancerous.


It is a noncancerous lump with fibrous connective tissues and glandular material.

Fat necrosis

Fat necrosis is a condition that happens when fatty breast tissues break down after an injury, leading to firm round lumps.

Sclerosing adenosis

Sclerosing adenosis involves tissue overgrowth in the milk-producing part of your breast. The disease can cause calcium deposits in the tissues, a process called calcification. Injuries, inflammation, and aging arteries can also lead to calcification.

Breast diseases can also occur in men, the most common being gynecomastia, which involves an increase in breast gland tissue due to a hormonal imbalance.

Breast disease diagnosis?

Accurate diagnosis for breast diseases is critical since most of them consist of similar symptoms such as nipple discharge and lump formation. Your provider recommends diagnostic tests to find out you’re a specific type of breast disease. they include:

  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • Mammogram
  • Pictogram
  • Nipple smear
  • Biopsy

Breast disease treatment?

Breast disease treatments range from simple antibiotic prescriptions to surgery, depending on the cause of your disorder.

At Wyoming Medical Associates, the team uses surgical techniques for breast disease treatment. Your doctor may suggest a biopsy or remove the lumps.

Breast cancer treatment

The medical experts at Wyoming Medical Associates also offer expert surgery for breast cancer in collaboration with the oncology specialists.

Breast cancer treatment involves chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. In less severe cases, the team may preserve your breasts through a lumpectomy, while in other cases, mastectomy is necessary.

Contact a breast disease specialist today

Despite the high death risk of breast diseases, early detection can enhance successive treatments and results. Therefore, it is critical to seek medical attention whenever you notice any changes in your breasts. Call Wyoming Medical Associates offices to schedule your consultation.

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