How to Save Your Smile


A beautiful smile accompanied by strong, healthy teeth brings out the person you are.  When you wake up and your tooth hurts, all your day’s schedule is canceled, and you wish your tooth to be extracted, your teeth whitening in Temecula specialist has the solution to all your teeth problems. Below is what your doctor has to say about maintaining your smile.

Why should you visit the dentist?

A routine checkup twice per year is advised for you to maintain healthy gum and teeth. Your doctor will offer other services that will help you follow daily acceptable oral hygiene practices at home. At Sunshine Dental, you will find Dr. Phillip and his team of specialized dentists who offers various services, including:-

  •         Teeth Whitening
  •         Orthodontics
  •         Root Canal
  •         Veneers
  •         Implants dentistry
  •         Dental hygiene
  •         Laser bacteria reduction

Need for having a personalized dentist

The more your doctor understands you and your dental story, the better services you will receive. Your oral health history will be known; therefore, any worsening condition or new will be noticed and treated quickly. You will discuss a long-term treatment plan and develop a lasting patient-doctor relationship. Your doctor will take you through the different services they offer in the clinic and advise you on the best service you need for your problem.  It is always advisable to know your insurance limit before you undergo the processes.

Root canal procedure

Cracks, dental trauma and deep cavities make the teeth vulnerable to infections.  When bacteria get into the pulp chamber, they infect the nerves and the blood vessels in it. Because of this, you experience swelling near the gum. Your affected tooth darkens severe toothache and sensitivity.  A root canal treatment is advised for you to save your infected tooth rather than having it extracted.

The procedure

Radiograph examination

Your doctor will use a digital X-ray to check the damage to determine the extent of decay and the root canal position.


If your doctor sees that the damaged tooth can be treated through the root canal, your tooth will be prepared for the procedure.  The affected tooth and surrounding areas will be numbed using a sedative.

Installation of a rubber dam

A rubber dam is used to isolate the affected tooth from the other teeth. This is done to prevent bacteria interference and also create a suitable environment for the procedure.

Removal of the dead pulp

The pulp chamber is accessed by drilling a hole in the tooth.  The dead and infected nerves, including the blood vessels, are removed from the root canals and the chamber using special dental tools.

Cleaning the root canals

Bacteria and any debris is flushed using disinfectant; this also prevents bacteria growth in the future.

Filling the root canals

The pulp chamber and the cleaned canals are filled with an inert filling, and then the tooth is sealed off.  A tooth filling is used to build the tooth structure if it was damaged.

Installation of a dental prosthetic

Your tooth will then be encased in a custom-designed dental crown to restore the beauty and resilience of your damaged tooth.

Booking an appointment online or making a phone call to Sunshine Dental to save your teeth.

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