Age of Cannabeauty: CBD Skincare For Forever Young Skin

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The legalization of cannabis in thirty-three states for medicinal use and ten states for recreational use has ushered in an era of cannabeauty. CBD has become the secret ingredient of multiple name brand skincare and makeup products across the globe. The boutiquification of marijuana has given birth to the mass acceptance of CBD products. Today, you can find a full range of products starting from eye creams and hand creams to mascara and kohl. If you want full spectrum pure CBD skin serums, you can find that too.

Celebrity cannavangelists like Melissa McCarthy and Emma Roberts have fortified the cannabis products market. Experts predict that the US CBD market could reach a whopping $16 billion by the end of 2025. So, people who are waiting around to ride the CBD wave out might have to wait longer than expected. On the other hand, we have decided to take a plunge and soak up the cannabliss as much as we can with the help of the bespoke CBD creams, balms, salves and lotions now available. To know which CBD skincare and personal care products are best for you, visit Global Cannabinoids.

Why is CBD great for everyone?

CBD is cannabidiol, which is one of the hundreds of phytocannabinoids scientists have isolated from the cannabis plants. Interestingly, industrial hemp also produces CBD, but it does not create any THC. Therefore, industrial hemp products containing CBD are legal in almost all states as long as they bear the correct labels. While THC has psychoactive properties that can get you “stoned,” CBD does not elicit any hallucinatory effect. Therefore, CBD cannot get you “high,” and it is entirely safe for consumption during any time of the day. Since the legalization of cannabis, a significant volume of research on the properties of cannabis and CBD is coming to the forefront. Gradually, people are becoming aware of the medicinal properties of CBD that was unknown to them before.

How does CBD benefit the user?

Our body naturally produces compounds that are similar in structure and function to cannabis-derived CBD. This natural compound utilizes the endocannabinoid system to create anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects on the body. Research shows that increasing the level of CBD in the body engages the same receptors – CB1 and CB2 of the endocannabinoid system and it results in the reduction of inflammation and pain. While it is possible to reduce pain by oral consumption of CBD products, studies show that localized application of CBD salves, balms or ointments to the joints or irritated skin can have the same effects.

Full spectrum CBD creams can address a plethora of skin care problems

The modern lifestyle exerts considerable stress on everyone. While that causes joint swelling and back pain in many, others often suffer from unsightly breakouts and wrinkles. According to reputed dermatologists, whether it is acne or wrinkles, localized inflammation is the root of all evil. You may have noticed how a small pimple can swell up overnight and leave scars on your skin. CBD creams have a natural anti-inflammatory property that can help you eliminate the discomfort and pain swollen pimples can cause. You can achieve smooth skin without resorting to spironolactone and Accutane treatments. Moreover, a dab of CBD creams can keep irritated skin from swelling up and giving way to deep wrinkles in the future.

CBD creams for skin rejuvenation

CBD is not the only component of the full spectrum CBD skincare products. A full spectrum CBD product also contains essential fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E, and a wide range of flavonoids that can fight the toxins in your skin. After taking your makeup off during the night, you can massage your skin with a full spectrum CBD skin serum. It has wonderful anti-aging properties that not only fights wrinkles but also takes care of the hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration resulting from repeated exposure to sunlight.

CBD creams for dryness

Full spectrum CBD balms and lotions are blessings from modern science. It is an all-natural strong anti-oxidant cum skin boost that your skin deserves after a long day outside. Furthermore, CBD creams have shown promise in the treatment of eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis without the addition of steroids. It helps by hydrating the skin and providing it with the essential nutrients, without making it too oily. It is a blessing for everyone with sensitive skin looking for ways to prevent crow’s feet, without resorting to artificially synthesized hyaluronic acid or steroids.

CBD creams and rashes

Full spectrum CBD skin creams are great for localized rashes as well. Many suffer from rashes after shaving, waxing or threading their eyebrows. Others suffer from dermatitides in the most unfortunate areas as a result of humidity and chaffing. CBD ointments work directly through the absorption of the compounds via the endocannabinoid system that reduces localized inflammation, redness, itch and discomfort. Something as simple as allergies (rashes or bumps on the skin) can respond almost instantly to the topical application of the right CBD personal care product.

From aftershaves to intimate lubes, there are hundreds of full spectrum or pure CBD personal care products out there. It is often difficult to tell the skincare products apart from personal care products, and most people don’t even need to. CBD is a miracle cure for multiple skin problems. It is not at all surprising that one serum that reduces breakouts can also cure allergic rashes for the person.

Why are so many CBD skincare products not FDA approved?

The only reason people are still wary about using CBD skincare and personal care products is the lack of approval from the FDA. While it is not illegal to buy and use hemp-derived CBD and its products, there is not enough research that can claim an FDA approval. However, there are enough case studies since the legalization of cannabis that confirms the anti-inflammatory or soothing properties of CBD creams and lotions. Many swear by CBD eye creams that claim to reduce puffiness and eliminate the wrinkles from under the eyes. Others, recommend CBD anti-acne creams for their non-oily hydration properties and their ability to fight inflammation overnight.

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