Why is Hair Transplant Turkey Popular All over the World?

The geographical location of Turkey works in its favor to make it one of the best countries to offer medical tourism. People from Europe as well as Middle Eastern countries find traveling to Turkey very convenient as it takes about 3 to 4 hours by air to reach Turkey from Europe. Even for Americans, traveling to Turkey is quite feasible as it is only a 10 hour journey from New York to Turkey.

Patient satisfaction equals to more business

It has been noticed that there is a great influx of Americans coming to Turkey for various treatments; however, hair transplant in Turkey is attracting the most amount of medical tourist who flocks here looking for reasonable hair transplant cost in Turkey.

Hair transplant is a billion dollar industry in Turkey as people from all over the world prefer coming here for treatment and due to the high success rate and positive outcome many people are sharing their experience and are referring Turkey hair transplant to more and more people. This word of mouth publicity and affordable hair transplant cost in Turkey has done wonders and made it the Mecca for hair transplant surgery.

Money makes all the difference

George Johnson, an American national who came to Turkey for hair transplant feels he made a right decision to get his hair transplant in Turkey as he saved a lot of money and also had an opportunity to visit this magnificent country.

He came across this clinic online and after research sent his pictures to them. He consulted the doctor online and was given an attractive package for surgery which was too good to resist and so came here for the procedure.

With the all inclusive hair transplant packages the patient knows the exact amount he will incur if he goes to Turkey for the treatment. These packages include hotel stay for two days, transportation within Turkey and medications, so you only have to buy the plane tickets. If you plan this trip in advance then you can save quite a bit of money on your air tickets.

The hair transplant cost in Turkey ranges from $1500 to $3000 which is very cheap if you compare it with the US where you have to pay $18000 to $25000 for the same procedure.

Hair transplant which was once considered the treatment for the rich and famous is now available for people from all strata of society.

Treatment on par with the best

Turkey has one of the highest numbers of JCI accredited hospitals in the world which vouch for the high quality standard of medical care. They have very stringent laws and regulations regarding medical treatment and patient safety.

Most of the hair transplant clinics are fitted with the latest medical equipment and follow the most advanced techniques regarding hair transplant.

Basically hair transplant is a simple procedure which helps reverse the hereditary hair loss. The doctor removes the hair follicular from the back of your head and implants them in your bald area and over the period of six to nine months you will get start getting natural hair growth. This procedure is quick and heals fast so the patient can resume their normal activities within a short span of time.

By and large, all the clinics in Turkey use Follicular unit extraction (FUE) method for surgery as opposed to Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) as it is an outdated procedure which requires long recovery period and it leaves behind an unappealing linear scar.

Choose wisely

Be careful while choosing a clinic for your hair transplant surgery. The booming hair transplant industry in Turkey have give rise to many unlicensed hair transplant clinics who have created a network with travel agencies that lure unsuspecting medical tourist with cheap hair transplant cost as low as $800.

Operations at these clinics are conducted by unauthorized personnel who are not a qualified doctor or a plastic surgeon. These places are low on hygiene with insufficient equipment putting the patients’ life at risk.

It is highly necessary that you check the credentials of the clinic and verify whether it is registered with the national healthcare system. Also research about the doctor’s qualification and experience prior to the surgery as you cannot trust anyone blindly.

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