Review of TRIA Laser Hair Removal System

bikini line

I had been looking for hair removal solution for years. I have lighter skin, though I’m a little tan. I have very, dark black hair. This caused a problem for me because the dark hairs were so visible on my light skin. I’ve always hated it. I hated shaving because my hair is so dark and course that shaving caused irritation and it never was very smooth. On top of that I cannot afford to go in for the repeated treatments at a salon. Oh, and did I mention that I absolutely will not wax! OUCH! I used to skip vacations and trips because I didn’t want to deal with my bikini line and underarms. Then I bought my TRIA.

In the Beginning – When I first purchased the product, it wasn’t what I expected. It was bulkier than I thought it would be, but I was excited to get started. My first treatment, I was a little hesitant so I kept the setting quite low. As you can imagine, I didn’t see any results. Around 2 weeks later, I stepped up the volume, so to speak, and though it hurt, I finally saw results. The hairs began to slowly fall out. For the first few months, the hairs always grew back, but each time, they were much lighter and not as coarse. I still had to shave between treatments, but it was much easier and I had much less irritation.

Now – After using the TRIA for almost a year, I can truly see results. The majority of the hair is gone. The hairs that have grown back are very fine and hard to notice. I continue to use the TRIA and am certain that these small hairs will eventually fall away for good. Even if they don’t, it was completely worth it to me. I have even used it on my husband and mother and they both are having even better results than I did. I’m pretty impressed overall with the product.

The Pros – Well, the big positive is that my hair is mostly gone. I love that I am able to use the system whenever I want to in the comfort of my own home. There is nothing more humiliating than having some stranger remove the hairs from your lady parts! No more salon for me. Plus it has given me so much more freedom to go and do what I want. I know that might sound silly, but I have skipped camping trips, and going to the beach with friends and family because I was so embarrassed of the hairs and irritation from shaving. Rather than deal with it, I would simply stay home. Now, I don’t think twice and I’m never self conscious about the way my skin looks. After using it on the areas that really bothered me, I began to notice other areas that I has hair and have begun treating them, and I love the results I see. I even began to notice that I had little black hairs on my belly! Not anymore. Overall I really love the system!

The Cons – THE KEY! The system has this key that is used to unlock the laser and it is a pain! It takes forever to unlock and it seems to get stuck and not fit right. It took me about 20 minutes to figure it out the first time. They should really work on the unlocking system. The other big con I noticed was that during the summer when I got a little tan, the system began to hurt much worse. In the beginning, it didn’t hurt very badly but if I got a little tanner, it began to hurt worse and was less effective. Not that big of a deal because I just started to wear sunblock, which is good for me anyway. The other issue is that I wish it would remove the lighter hairs. I have lighter hairs on my chest and arms that it was not effective on. I was really hoping it would at least lessen them. One of the other big issues was the small “welts” it left on my skin. When I had the settings turned up, it left little welts or rashes in the area I treated. They went away by the next day, but if I had to go somewhere, I had to make sure it was covered. The only other issue is the size of the head. The treatment area is so small, so it really takes a ton of time to get a large area done and it is difficult to make sure you hit all of the area.

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