CBD in Your System – How to Test for It

The modern age brought many controversies about the application of specific plants for medical purposes. Here we primarily refer to cannabis, as its use is still not fully legally allowed. It causes numerous debates about medicines based on these ingredients. However, no one can dispute their positive effects.

Some components of cannabis, such as cannabidiol, have already found purpose in medicine. Specific types of marijuana, of controlled composition and quantities of psychoactive ingredients, are allowed for breeding. As such, it is suitable for implementation but still can cause some legal issues.

Drug tests detect the presence of drug metabolites, regardless of the reasons why you used it. Failing a drug screening because of CBD products can cause problems with the law, at the workplace, or with potential employers.

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Products like CBD oil prove to be very efficient in the treatment of many diseases, so the global image of medical marijuana is getting better. Once when it gets acknowledged as a medical treatment, cannabis (or some of its breeds) will probably be removed from drug screening list.

In Short about CBD

People applied cannabis as a medication long before modern medicine recognized its potential. CBD has only recently become a popular ingredient, but pharmacy brands still avoid it. Minor manufacturers made oils, tinctures, drops, edibles, all sorts of topical which run the market. These are all ways on how to use medical marijuana. But don’t worry, you can still consume it traditionally; it’s equally beneficial.

CBD is one of a hundred compounds found in cannabis. Each variety of this plant contains different amounts of this cannabinoid, and not all are suitable for medical use. Also, there’s a despised, psychoactive THC compound, which quantities in cannabis plants also vary.

Both of these components can have a positive health effect, but there is one important difference – you cannot get high after taking CBD. Unlike THC, it shows no potential for abuse or addiction. But if it comes bundled with a psychoactive component, it does more harm than good, especially if you expect a drug test soon.

Effects of Cannabinoids to Our Body

When the CBD enters your body, it works with the endocannabinoid system. That is a system of receptors inside our brain, in charge of registering cannabinoids, making the most of them. CBD attaches to receptors, which we all have in our organism, and the healing process begins.

Medical marijuana rich in CBD acts individually on every user, optimizing its body functions. Positive weed news primarily showed up in the field of treating cancer. Active ingredients in cannabis can prevent the expansion of the disease, causing the death of malignant cells, blocking their transmission through the blood vessels, and thus stopping the growth of the tumor.

Preparation based on medical marijuana can be used without any problems in treating many diseases. Even FDA recently approved their use. If your condition requires a medical marijuana treatment and you live in a country where recreational use is still illegal, you need a document proving your disease.

Your doctor will give you a medical card that contains all the relevant information about your condition and the validity of marijuana use. Whenever necessary, feel free to show this card (if police or court asks for it, or after a positive drug test at the workplace).

Will Drug Tests React on CBD?

Testing for illegal substances is something you can expect when applying for jobs, while working, or if an official institution orders it. For example, police will insist on a drug test after a car crash in which you have participated. You maybe didn’t smoke weed, but you take CBD edibles for medical purposes; now you are afraid it can cause you to fail a drug test.

THC is what makes cannabis an illicit substance. On the other hand, CBD is extracted from plants and used for medical purposes. However, there is a chance that a certain amount of psychoactive substances THC are in these products, which may result in a positive drug test.

How THC affects our brain and why our behavior changes after taking THC, check this link.

No drug test examines the presence of CBD explicitly because it is not a psychoactive component. In principle, it could be detected if tests were performed to analyze its presence. But the drug tests determine the use of illicit substances based on THC levels.

Cut-off limits vary for different types of drug tests. These levels depend on many factors – who ask for screening, is it a pre-employment test or a regular check of employees, for which job position is intended, and so on. Employers testing their office workers will probably won’t be as strict as those testing employees on jobs of high risk (drivers, pilots, high-altitude workers, etc.)

Inform about CBD Products You Use

People can consume CBD in various ways. Those who opt for smoking marijuana regularly are at risk of failing any drug test because of the THC. Cannabis people use for pipes, vapors, one-hitters, and joints is not purified from this psychoactive substance.

But if you consume CBD-based products and know they are of proven quality, this will not affect the result of the drug screening. So when you buy CBD-based products, pay attention to the composition. There are indications that the effects of CBD are more potent if the product also contains THC, but this claim still hasn’t scientific evidence. Manufacturers must indicate the percentage of psychoactive substances in them if any.

You probably don’t bother with the numbers when you smoke or use CBD products, so you don’t know exactly how much THC you have in your body. If you have a drug test scheduled, and you use CBD in any form, you must tell your employer. This way, you’ll avoid possible misunderstanding. If you have a medical card to justify the use of these products, you can be calm. In any other case, your employer has the last word.

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