Yummy! Lose Weight with the Chocolate Diet!

“Are you eating chocolate while you are doing this quiz?” is the first question from the test included in the book “The Chocolate Diet- Eat Delicious Chocolate and Lose 7 Lbs in Two Weeks”, written by the British diet author and editor, Sally Ann Voak. Answering questions like this one, you can determine if you are a chocolate addict and what type of chocaholic you are. The creator of the diet divides chocolate addicts into six different categories: secret binger, comfort eaters, weekend indulgers, romantics, sugar addicts and premenstrual craves. Depending on the addiction category, the dieter has to follow a specific diet plan.  Chocolate Diet

It sounds like fun to follow a chocolate diet plan, but, unfortunately, if you will decide to lose weight with this diet, you will not be allowed to eat chocolate in the first week from the two weeks included in the diet plan. In the second week only, you will be allowed to eat about 150 calories worth of chocolate a day. By incorporating small amounts of chocolate into the diet, the Chocolate Diet helps users break their addiction to chocolate.

You can lose weight with the Chocolate Diet because its meal plans are actually based on a low calorie consumption.  The daily calorie intake is of 1000 calories in week one and 1200-1300 per day for week two and beyond. Men can have an extra 300 calories per day. The plan for each category of chocaholics provides, in general, a 250-calorie breakfast, a lunch of around 400 calories and one or two small meals of around 150 calories each. The extra calories from the second week come from the chocolate allowance (between 50-300 calories per day).

Here’s what breakfast can include during the second week:

  • 1 slice wholegrain toast topped with 2tsp chocolate nut spread and 1 small banana;
  • or
  •  Fruit salad made from 1 kiwi fruit, 7 strawberries, 1 satsuma and a handful of blueberries topped with 3tbsp low-fat plain yogurt. Plus 1 Sainsbury’s Mini Pain Au Chocolat;
  • or
  • 1 slice whole grain toast with 1tsp low-fat spread, 1 scrambled egg and 2 grilled tomatoes. Plus 1 sachet Options Belgian Choc instant hot chocolate drink.

For lunch, you can have:

  •  2 slices whole-grain bread filled with ½ small can tuna in water mixed with 2tbsp sweetcorn and 2tsp reduced calorie mayonnaise. Plus 1 pot Cadbury Light Chocolate Mousse;
  • or
  • 1 toasted whole-grain bagel with 3tbsp grated reduced-fat cheese and 1 tomato. Plus 1 apple and 1 Walls Chocolate Mini Milk.
  • or
  • Salad made from 1 skinless chicken breast, 4 boiled new potatoes in their skins, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, ½ green pepper and 3tbsp hot salsa. Plus 12 Cadbury Chocolate Buttons




If you stick with the plan correctly, you are expected to lose 7 pounds in two weeks.

The book also includes exercises recommendations depending on what type of chocoholic you are. Secret bingers, sugar addicts and premenstrual cravers are advised to walk briskly for at least 20 minutes every day. They should also practice relaxing exercises such as swimming or yoga. Romantics and comfort eaters are advised to swim or do yoga several times a week. Weekend indulgers are provided with the strategy to take up a sport such as golf or tennis and to do it often and especially on weekends.


  • Chocolate and the dark one especially contains antioxidants which can help prevent a number of diseases;
  • Eating chocolate while dieting may reduce feelings of deprivation;
  • While eating your favorite food, you can lose 7 lbs;
  • It includes a clear diet plan to follow;
  • It incorporates exercise component.


  • Low calorie intake- some may experience weakness and headaches;
  • Eating chocolate can lead to more cravings or over-consumption. Some dieters may find that chocolate even in small amounts increases their cravings
  • Calorie allowances are too low for most dieters especially because the exercises are strongly recommended.



Sally Ann Voak- “The Chocolate Diet- Eat Delicious Chocolate and Lose 7 Lbs in Two Weeks”, Blake Publishing Ltd, London, 2001;




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