Your Guide to Medical Transportation


If you’re moving a severely ill patient from a specific healthcare institution to another, the important thing to contemplate certainly is the comfort and safety of the ill person, with the time it takes to get all of them to the healthcare premises. Most certainly, there are plenty of things you have to do when a medical flight is required. The following paragraphs will supply you with some fundamental information on medical transport services, and provide you with a useful “checklist” of things you might have to have ready.

What’s an Air Ambulance?

Using air ambulances are the quickest sorts of sufferer transportation and more in case a large area must be traveled quickly or if highway traffic could hold up when it could take for any regular emergency vehicle to get the suffering person to the emergency center.

In-Flight Patient Attention

Give particulars on the level of transportation required – This can be done simply by dealing with your airline travel manager to reconcile on the schedules coupled with times you want to transport the ill person and the specific method of transport required from other medical escort companies on the ground from the plane to the medical facility.

Basic safety

An air ambulance isn’t your ordinary aircraft – the way the pilot flies the specific jet requires to appropriately be different from the conventional commercial carrier plane with the pilot using extraordinary care to make certain the patient is not bumped unnecessarily.

Healthcare Related Responsibility

Be sure you provide the air ambulance enterprise with information and facts about the patient to be transported. This will certainly incorporate basic information, for example:

  • age
  • name
  • the sufferer’s current medical diagnosis
  • little healthcare record
  • the individual’s current area, and the location facility

A person’s passport details might also be required in case your air evac will need to make international arrivals. The air ambulance business may also need the information on any family member, which will go with the patient for air travel.


Your business should eventually provide you with an estimation that factors not only the journey but simultaneously includes road journey, pick-up as well as drop-off details with landing costs necessary for the endpoint.

Whenever you have the cost, agree with a method of payment. If the person has medical insurance that may conserve the cost on the particular evacuation, then this is actually the stage where this is mentioned as well as, as suitable, clearance from the insurance company.

Getting payment problems taken care of, the air ambulance will certainly be sending you a copy of the air travel timetable that will have the departure and arrival information with the schedule of the journey.

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