You Know You’ve Been TTC’ing for Too Long When…

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You know You’ve been TTC’ing too long when:

~ You saw the title of this article and had to click it immediately because you need an article that you can relate to.

~ You know what TTC stands for (Trying to Conceive, for those that aren’t TTC’ing but clicked the page out of curiosity).

~ You give new meaning to the word “hormonal”.

~ You sit in a group of women and feel lost because you can’t share a birth story like they’re all doing.

~ You feel as if your very womanhood is broken because you can’t get pregnant.

~ You belong to online forums, blog groups, and chat rooms in which you know everyone’s cycle days as well as your own.

~ You’ve had your feet in stirrups more times than you can count and being poked and prodded “down there” doesn’t even phase you anymore.

~ You buy Ovulation Predictor Kits, Home Pregnancy Tests, and sanitary supplies all in the same shopping trip.

~ Pregnancy announcements generate tears — and they’re usually not happy ones.

~ Birth announcements generate even more tears.

~ You have a love/hate relationship with the baby section of all stores, not wanting to go anywhere near it, yet always finding yourself inevitably drawn towards it.

~ You could have not only bought a Coach purse, you could have invested in Coach stock with all the money you’ve spent on pregnancy tests.

~ You have colored charts and graphs and blow-by-blow journal entries of your menstrual cycle to present to your doctor at every visit.

~ You’ve read every last article that comes up on Google as to why you might not be pregnant, and have a possible treatment plan to present to your doctor in addition to your charts and graphs.

~ You have an addiction to peeing on sticks.

~ The Dollar Store people know you now, because you’re in there monthly stocking up on pregnancy tests.

~ You know full well that for every Dollar Store pregnancy test that works, two won’t.

~ You have laid with your legs in the air and your hips up on a pillow after sex to keep the sperm in.

~ You have had your husband drink cough syrup a few hours before sex. Heck, you drink it too. Maybe it will help your fluids out too…

~ You and your husband have ever rendezvoused at weird locations because “it’s time!”

~ You’re tired of having sex and don’t think you can ever have it again (but you always do).

~ The only muscle you stir first thing in the morning is your arm muscle, to reach for the basal thermometer so you can test your temperature.

~ You could teach health class at the local high school when it comes to a woman’s reproductive system and menstrual cycle.

~ You’ve ever promised yourself that “this month you aren’t going to stress it or think about it” but you know that is completely impossible to achieve even as you’re saying it.

~ You have had daydreams of jumping up from your chair and strangling pregnant women when they complain about how sick they are, how badly their back aches, and how fat and ugly they feel for the umpteenth time.

~ You’ve had similar daydreams surrounding women who do nothing but complain about their children and then inform you that you’re “so lucky and you don’t know what you have to not have children.”

~ You’ve called in to work, not because of the first day of cramps, but for another day of heart break.

~ You stay holed up at home on Mother’s Day.

~ You feel a world away from your friends that have had a baby and you feel half guilty, half resentful that it’s that way.

~ You seriously think you’re going to go postal the next time you hear, “Just don’t think about it or stress out about it…”

~ You start puking before your period because you have your mind so hyped up that this time is IT, that your body actually responds

~ You actually understand the following sentence: “It’s CD 12 and I just got a positive on an OPK, so DH and I are going to BD tonight which will then bring on the 2WW and hopefully at the end, when I use my HPT to POAS I’ll get a BFP!”

Baby dust to all of you that are trying and here’s to lots of BFP’s in 2019!

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