You Do not Have to Live With Sexual Dysfunction

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Everybody deserves a sex good life. However, sexual dysfunction can be frustrating and embarrassing. However, you don’t have to live with it when there are options to help you. Ramesh Kumar, MD is a Palm Beach Garden sexual medicine provider at LifeWell, MD, and offers services for a wide range of sexual health issues, including erectile dysfunction.

What is sexual dysfunction?

It is any psychological or physical impediment that precludes you or your partner from getting sexual satisfaction. This is a common disorder and can affect men of all ages, however it is more common with increasing age. The major types of male sexual dysfunction include:

  •       Ejaculation disorders: they include premature ejaculation, delayed or inhibited ejaculation, and retrograde ejaculation.
  •       Erectile dysfunction: this is the incompetence to acquire and keep an erection for sexual activity. Mostly, those who have this condition are above 40.
  •       Low Libido: this is a situation where you can experience a decreased interest in sex. This can be linked to low levels of testosterone hormone.

How to Get Help

Because of the embarrassing nature of sexual dysfunction, you need to get help from a provider you can trust. This is vital, and you should spend your time and resources to find a specialist who can understand you. Dr. Kumar offers compassionate care with an understanding of the difficulty of having this condition.

You can regain your vitality at LifeWell, MD. First, Dr. Kumar gets to the root of the problem and considers all possible causes of your issue to design the most effective treatment plan.

Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

Your provider can carry out tests including physical exams, blood tests, urinalysis, ultrasound, and a psychological exam to unveil the underlying causes of sexual dysfunction. The basis of your problem can be found to be somatic or psychological.

The physical causes of sexual dysfunction include:

  •       Prescription drugs
  •       Low testosterone levels
  •       Nerve damage from surgery or diabetes
  •       Blood vessel disorders
  •       Alcoholism and drug abuse
  •       Smoking

Psychological causes of sexual dysfunction include:

  •       Marital or relationship problems
  •       Concern about sexual performance
  •       Effects of past sexual trauma
  •       Depression and feelings of guilt
  •       Work-related stress and anxiety

Treatment Options

Subject to your problem’s source and severity, your provider can offer various treatment procedures to manage the condition. Your doctor will also take you through the options and explain any risks you might face and the benefits you can gain. Your partner can be involved in making the treatment choice. Your provider designs a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs and deliver lasting relief. Options may include:

Oral Medications

Several oral medications can be used to treat sexual dysfunction issues, such as erectile dysfunction. The drugs enhance the natural chemical in our body that relaxes the penis muscles. As a result, blood flow improves in your penis, which promotes your sexual stimulation.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

These are treatments that are focused on refurbishing your body’s natural balance and advancing your energy levels. They include:

  •       Hormone Therapy
  •       Brain restoration (NAD+)
  •       Peptide therapy
  •       IV therapy and vitamin boost
  •       NovoTHOR®
  •       Medical acupuncture
  •       Vasper system
  •       Sound lounge
  •       GAINSWave®

At LifeWell, MD, all these treatments happen in a comfortable environment with private treatment space so your confidentiality is assured.


Every patient’s results vary, but the symptoms are relieved rapidly, and you can get dramatic outcomes and regain your confidence.

If you are struggling with sexual dysfunction, please don’t suffer silently. With caring providers who understand your condition, you can learn your options at LifeWell, MD, and live a good life.

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