Yoga for Lower Back Pains, Things You Don’t Know


Yoga is a mind-body form of therapy to being fit. It also eliminates the stress that accompanies the body. You should do practice yoga for a few minutes in a day to relieve your body of the tension and the tight muscles. Good poses and stretches ease and reinforce the body. Lower back pains are caused by bad sitting positions, weak core, and exhaustion of the body by heavy work. It is crucial to address these problems to remedy/bring relief to mind and body.

Acording to the study led by TrustAdvisor, an average worker in the United States works from 9-5; thus, lower back pains are inevitable. Eighty percent of people suffer from back pains at one point of their life, more so as they grow older. Moreover, back pains are the leading cause of disability worldwide. An office employee who works long hours glued to the chair while eyes are fixed to the computer screen is likely to experience lower back pains. Yoga is an effective way to keep this condition at bay. Below are some yoga stretches to remedy lower back pains.

  1. Kid’s Pose (1-3 Minutes)

The technique may appear useless as one might think you are resting. However, yoga position gets rid of the stress on your lower back by stretching and aligning the spine resulting in a perfect stretch. Steps to follow:

  • On all fours, stretch out your arms in front, keeping your head down.
  • Sit back; in a way that your butt muscles come to rest relax. Also, ensure your heels are not touching.
  • Stay in the position for 3 minutes for an even stretch.
  1. Extended Triangle

This yoga technique will work wonders for your lower back as it aligns your hips, spine, and groin. It also supports the chest, shoulders, and legs. Repetition of this stretch will help you in a long-term basis to relieve tension and anxiety. It also enhances tight muscles on your hands especially the lower hand, which supports the upper body in doing this technique. Some of the muscles that are exhausted are quadriceps, internal oblique, and hamstrings.

  1. Cat/Cow (1 To 3 Minutes)

According to Yoga instructors, this technique is the most beloved by many people trying to ease their lower back pains. It seems to relieve pressure off the spine as it allows movement. Once you have mastered this technique, practicing it every day will help in stretching your shoulders, neck, and torso. Some of the muscles that this technique perfects are triceps, gluteus maximus, and serratus anterior.

  1. Knee Hugs

Yes, this technique is as easy as it sounds. It has a simple process that involves knee to chest stretches. It is one great way of decompressing your back. This yoga position applies to those who are not so flexible. With an easy lift of your legs and hugging them, the back pains will certainly end.

  1. Downward Facing Dog (1 to 3 Minutes)

The down dog yoga technique is a perfect way to work out annoying calves and hamstrings. This method suits to eradicate back pain since the back of the legs are tight. At the end of the session, your back would be relieved. The forward bend can be soothing and blood rushing at the same time. A daily routine will help in easing the back pain as well as sciatica. It also provides balance in the body and strengthens the core. Muscles perfected with this technique are triceps, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.

  1. Yoga Bridge Pose

This pose might not look like a remedy to your back pain, but if done right it could solve the constant back pain and sciatica. In the process, your calves and hamstrings are strengthened. Do this technique for at least 2 minutes to get some relief. There is a test to know whether your lower back pains are reduced or not, if you get strong hamstrings it means the Yoga Bridge poses is working.

Accessories To Help


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Overall, yoga proves to be an effective way to work to your lower back pains. There are dos and don’ts to keep a healthy back, and if these are followed, back pains will be a distant memory.

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