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Yocan Evolve Plus


When looking for a perfect vape product, there are always two major factors to consider. There is the quality of the product in terms of how durable and strong it is, and then there are safety concerns. There are plenty of research suggesting vaping is way less harmful than smoking. However, you still need to take some precautionary measures to ensure you are least exposed to any inherent dangers that are associated with the practice.

And one way to do that is to settle for no less than high-quality vape product. Yocan Evolve Plus is a vape product lauded for its high quality and relatively affordable pricing. The product is lauded for its ease of use, maintenance and cleaning, making it one of the most sought-after products in the vaping market today. Read on through this Yocan Evolve Plus review to uncover some of the benefits of the product.

Features of the Yocan Evolve Plus

Power Supply – The vape pen comes with a much more reliable power supply, thanks to the 1100mAh battery it uses. In addition to this powerful batter, there is also a 15-second shut-off time which ensures you save more on power as well as stay safe when not using the device.

Ease of Use –Yocan Evolve-Plus is easy to load and use. General cleaning and maintenance is also easy. There is a coil cap which helps prevent heat from diffusing from the device to your mouth. Therefore, you can relish your blissful puffs without having to worry about steam building up in your mouth.

Temperature Regulation – The device comes complete with a large dual-quartz coil-atomizer. The atomizer ensures the coil is heated to the right temperature, thereby vaporizing your e-juice to deliver a delectable flavor. It has amazing temperature regulation abilities that ensures only the right amount of heat is produced. If you are a seasoned vaper, you might consider purchasing a separate ceramic donut-coil.

Portability – A vape device should be portable enough to carry around wherever you go; you never know when the craving might strike. With the Yocan Evolve-Plus’ built-in silicone jar, portability will be the least of your worries. This design takes away the age-old hassle of carrying a bulky container that is itself detached from the main unit. Instead, you simply use the vaporizer to keep your wax concentrate. For maximum convenience when using the device, the manufacturer has ingenuously located the jar near the bottom of the unit. And in order to avoid creating a mess from leaks and spills, the device features a highly-functional coil cap.

Quality of Vapor – Everything about vaping comes down to the quality of vapor, and no one understands that better than the manufacturer of Yocan Evolve-Plus. This is why they have included a dual-quartz atomizer that ensures heat is evenly produced and diffused across the device, thereby creating a remarkably blissful flavor. The vapor is dense enough and as we have said, you can always up the scales by getting an extra ceramic-donut heating-coil.

Competitive Price – When it comes to most vaping products, high quality seldom go with fair pricing. However, you can look at the Yocan Evolve-Plus as a nice exception to that rule. The price staggers around $60, and could be lower depending on where you order your product from. Needless to mention, the manufacturer has not sacrificed quality on the altar of fair pricing.

What’s In The Box

When you buy the product, you get the following as part of the package.

• Backup Dual-Quartz Coil

• Wax-Dabbing Tool

• Micro-USB Charger

• 1100mAh Battery

• Dual-Quartz Wax-Atomizer

• Yocan Evolve-Plus Pen

Using the Yocan Evolve-Plus

In order to effectively use the Yocan Evolve-Plus Pen, you begin by pressing the startup button 5 times consecutively. If it is turned on, there will be a light near the button that indicates the vape is now ready for use.

Once it is ready, prime the coils. This is done by pressing and holding down on the power button so as to ignite them. It is after priming that you now proceed to place wax in the ceramic chamber.

You do not need to be an expert to load the chamber. Just take your concentrate and load it in, as much as 1 gram if you so wish. However, experts advise against loading this chamber to full capacity. This is because the concentrate is highly powerful, and contains percentages of THC that are likely to produce psychoactive effects if vaped in high quantities. Therefore, it is paramount to experiment with as low as 0.1 grams, and then gradually increase your dosages as you deem fit.

After packing the chamber, it is now time to use your device. And there are two possible ways to go about it.

The first method is holding down on the button continuously. This method is only recommended where you are fine with extremely high temperatures, otherwise avoid it altogether. It is mainly shunned as it mars the taste of the vapor especially as you end every smoking session. Also, pressing down on the power button uninterruptedly will prompt the coils to turn off automatically after 15 seconds. This is a programmable spec that is meant to regulate temperature as well as preserve your battery.

Therefore, the most ideal way to use the device is to press the button and release it alternatingly, while taking your puffs in between.

When you are done vaping, turn your device off. To do that, press the button five times back to back, just as you turned it on.

Cleaning Needs

The Yocan Evolve-Plus should be cleaned regularly to increase its durability. Also, the soft and sticky nature of the concentrates demand that they are cleaned immediately after use.

To ensure a thorough clean, all fat residue should be burnt at the end of every vaping session. In order to do this, heat the vape pen repeatedly as you blow on the coil lightly.

Also, try to clean the heating chamber. This should not be difficult, as the manufacturer incorporated square edges that help reduce splatter by ensuring all residue moves in the opposite direction from the coil.

A Q-TIP will come in handy in cleaning these walls. When using the Q-TIP, ensure the coils are cooled, else they will heat the walls and interfere with the cleaning process.

Pros and Cons


1. Comes in a built-in silicone-jar for ease of use, carriage and storage.

2. Features a dual-quartz atomizer.

3. Extended battery life.

4. Bang for the money.

5. Instant-heating time.


  1. Comes with only 1 temperature setting.
  2. The warranty period is undetermined.


Apart from the fact that this device comes with a single temperature settings, there aren’t any major drawbacks to report.

It scores in nearly all other aspects, and is therefore recommended for both beginner and seasoned vapers.
Source: Best Vaping Community—Worldvaping(worldvaping.com)

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