Yes You Can! Reduce Fat Without Diet and Exercise

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The common thought is that the only way to lose weight is with exercise and a strict diet that does not leave space for adjustments or special occasions. Although that method will certainly result in weight loss, it is also hard to maintain and is not always possible with a busy lifestyle. Fortunately, it is not necessary to follow a fad diet plan or spend hours at the gym to shed those extra pounds. A few simple tricks will help reduce weight without that extra effort.

Eat Until 80 Percent Full

Instead of eating until the stomach is full, eat until it seems that the stomach is 80 percent full and a little extra room is still available. By following this simple trick, it is possible to avoid feeling overly full and enjoy any preferred meal plan.

Eating until almost full will also result in feeling satisfied with the meal. That full satisfaction ensures that the temptation to eat unhealthy and high calorie foods is limited. Diets cause hunger because the body is never fully satisfied with the nutrients. Instead of focusing on following some short-term trend, try making minor adjustments by eating according to the idea of leaving a little extra space.

Drink More Water

Dehydration and thirst are often mixed up with hunger because the signals are similar. By drinking more water, it is possible to avoid dehydration and ensure that the signals from the body are actually hunger.

Although the general rule is to drink at least 64 ounces of water per day, it is better to try drinking at least 100 ounces. That will reduce the risk of dehydration, even if the weather becomes humid and warm.

Eat Fruits or Vegetables For Snacks

Dieting often has strict rules for snacks and meals, including the possibility of cutting out a snack entirely. The problem with cutting out a snack is that the body becomes hungry throughout the day and nothing is done to prevent the hunger from growing. By the next meal, it is tempting to overeat, which defeats the purpose of cutting out those snacks.

Instead of avoiding snacks, enjoy some fruit or vegetables. The snack is not only a healthy alternative to those chips or muffins; it will stave off hunger and provide healthy nutrients. Instead of cutting back on eating between meals, make a minor change that will have a lasting impact on weight loss goals.

Dieting and exercise are not the only ways to shed extra pounds. A few minor changes, like drinking more water or adjusting the foods that are available for snacks, will help shed pounds even with a busy schedule.

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