Would you like to get rid of pimples, white heads, black heads and redness?

Several studies have shown that a diet high in carbohydrates determines your body to produce more insulin, which increases the production of hormones known as androgens. These hormones cause sebaceous glands in the skin to secrete more oil that becomes trapped inside the pores leading to pimples, white heads and black heads.

Knowing all these things, if you want to keep acne away of your face, your diet should exclude carbohydrates and especially those which are highly processed and refined.ISO-IS894-009 - © - Image Source

If you follow a diet low in carbohydrates for 12 weeks at least, your skin condition will get better. 

Which are the anti acne diet rules?

Since the carbohydrate foods affect blood glucose levels, during the anti acne diet, you can eat very few carbs and they have to present a low glycemic index (GI). Eating foods with a GI score of 55 or less, such as porridge, wholegrain bread, basmati rice and baked beans, the blood glucose levels will rise slowly over time and have a lower insulin response. The result will be taming your hormones and clearing your skin.

Any meal should begin with proteins. Eating them first, before carbs, can help you control the glycemic index of your meal and avoid the sugar spikes in your blood. Protein-rich foods, such as red meat, fish and poultry, help to keep insulin levels, hormones and acne under control. Proteins not only help to control acne, they also play an essential role in growth and the function of all cells.

Eat a high-fiber diet. Fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grain breads and cereals are good for your skin and they do not promote inflammation. From vegetables, emphasize the consumption of those containing beta-carotene, because the bodyconverts it into vitamin A, which is particularly beneficial to skin.

Eat oysters, crab, turkey, wheat germ, tofu, and cashews and pumpkin seeds. These foods contain zinc, a mineral with anti-inflammatory properties, very effective against acne.

To help your body flush out toxins, drink lots of water. This fluid keeps you adequately hydrated and your skin moist and supple.

Limit processed foods. The “usual” foods like refined sugar, junk foods and bakery items have inflammatory properties, with a bad influence on your skin condition.

Replace the saturated fat with monounsaturated ones.

Imply in lots of physical activities. Exercises help reduce elevated insulin levels, which increase certain hormones known to contribute to acne.  They also have a positive effect on blood circulation, helping the bloodstream to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the skin, encouraging skin repair and cell growth.

For a clearer skin, get enough sleep.  A rested face does not present puffiness, bags, and dark circles under the eyes. Most adults need eight hours of sleep each night to feel refreshed in the morning.

Daily anti acne menu sample


  • 2 slices of wholegrain toast with 1 small can of baked beans.
  • 1 glass of low-fat milk with cocoa.


  • Lamb salad: 100g diced lean lamb with 1 cup of salad vegetables and 1tbsp oil-free dressing.
  • 1 piece of fresh fruit.


  • Grilled calamari:  150g grilled calamari with 2 cups of salad vegetables and 1 tbsp dressing (garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar).
  • 1 small bowl of stewed fruit, unsweetened, with 200g low-fat custard.

Other rules to follow for a clear skin:

  1. Wash skin twice a day with a gentle cleanser or antiseptic wash.
  2. Avoid scrubbing the skin, which may make it worse.
  3. Apply topical treatments to all areas affected by acne, not just on individual spots.
  4.  No matter how tempting, don’t squeeze pimples.
  5. Give topical treatments and medications time to work – it usually takes two months to see improvements.

These are guidelines only, and are not intended as medical or nutritional advice. If you have specific health or dietary concerns, discuss them with your doctor or dietitian.



“The teen age anti acne diet”- Deborah Thomas from Australian Women’s Weekly.


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