Wool Baby Clothes – Not Just For Winter

Wool baby clothes have a really bad reputation with new parents. The thought always goes wool is for winter and is a little more expensive, we really do not need it. You are doing your baby a big disservice.

Wool Baby Clothes – Not Just For Winter

Why should you consider wool baby clothes for any season? When you stop and think about fabric there are really only two fabrics you can think of which provide high comfort, allow easy moisture wicking, and are completely natural. Your two choices are cotton or wool. Choosing clothing made from those two materials provides greater levels of comfort than any man-made fibers.

Where wool gets the bad reputation is due to the superior insulation capability of wool. It is very true when you layer wool baby clothes you can provide one of the warmest most comfortable cocoons of comfort your baby could ever feel. It is great for cool spring days, the chill of fall, or even the frigid days of winter. Where it gets overlooked is on those warm days of summer.

Before you discount the use of wool baby clothes you need to realize wool clothing comes in a wide variety of thicknesses. A think fabric is going to breathe easily and provide great comfort even on the warmest day.

The second reason to stock up on wool clothing in the summer is because of your habits. You feel hot so you crank the air conditioner up another notch. You turn on the electric fan and finally you feel cool. Your baby on the other hand may feel cold, but cannot tell you. Using a lightweight wool swaddling blanket or a wool newborn gown is a great way to keep them comfortable even when you turn up the air conditioner.

The same wool outfits you are using to keep them warm also keep them cool. This is one of the magical benefits of lightweight wool. It breathes easily allowing air to move and for moisture to get away from our skin. This is one or the reasons it is very effective at keeping us warm, and can be great to keep us cool, too. The same wool gown you use to keep your baby warm at home is great to have them wear as you head out in the car where it is warm, and then into the mall where it is much cooler. They will stay comfortable the entire time.

When combining simple wool baby clothes, cotton clothes, and wool swaddling blankets you can outfit your baby for any season. The natural fibers provide the finest warmth and cooling you can provide. When you look for baby clothes check out the blends of the fabrics. Clothing with high percentages of wool or cotton will always be more comfortable for our infants and young toddlers. The other advantage, these natural fibers wear extremely well. They stand up to the abuse of spit-up milk, the occasional leaky diaper, and the hard work of being a baby.

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