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Not many things have transformed women’s health like minimally invasive surgery methods. Under the care of a capable specialist like Fernando Otero, MD, of Women’s Clinic of Rio Grande Valley, you can get McAllen minimally invasive surgery procedures that can produce the required outcome with far fewer risks than other conventional open surgical methods.

What does minimally invasive surgery mean?

Minimally invasive surgeries involve utilizing tools and methods that get entrance to the surgical site without the need for big incisions. Most of these techniques can be accomplished in an examination room or in a hospital on an outpatient basis. They are usually considered safer than open surgeries as the patient will recover more quickly, spend little time in the hospital, and feel more relaxed when they heal as they will not sustain visible scars.

Many types of minimally invasive surgical techniques are utilized to treat gynecologic problems. Hysteroscopic surgery is conducted through the vagina and needs no exterior incisions. Advanced laparoscopic surgery utilizes a thin tube with a camera and a slender tube with a camera and a light to access the target site. Real-time images are displayed on a screen, giving your doctor an exceptional view of the target site and the surrounding tissues. Only some incisions are needed, and Dr.Otero utilizes very thin surgical equipment to conduct the operation to ensure that you do not have visible incisions.

Some procedures utilize robotic surgical techniques to do the surgery, although the system is always under the complete control of an experienced and highly qualified surgeon like Dr. Otero. Robotic surgeries allow for more flexibility and precision than the human hand is able to perform.

Procedures that can be conducted using minimally invasive surgical methods

Various surgical procedures can be undertaken using minimally invasive methods. Some of them include:

  •       Cervical loop electrode excision procedure
  •       Cervical incompetence
  •       Pelvic organ prolapses
  •       Treatment of vulvar disorders
  •       Repair of congenital deformities
  •       Treatment of endometriosis
  •       Tubal ligation
  •       Hysterectomy
  •       Removal of uterine fibroids
  •       Endometrial ablation

Minimally invasive surgical procedures also play a crucial role in the process of disease diagnosis, allowing your provider to examine your internal body structures to identify abnormalities.

Advantages of minimally invasive surgery

There are several significant reasons why you should consider minimally invasive gynecologic techniques as a substitute for conventional open surgical procedures. Some of the greatest ones include:

  •       Shorter stays in the hospital
  •       Quicker return to your typical daily routine
  •       Fast recovery
  •       Reduced risk of bleeding
  •       Smaller cuts

In some cases, open surgery remains the best treatment path possible. Dr. Otero will completely clarify the benefits and disadvantages of all these treatment options, providing you with the information you require to make well-versed choices about your treatment plan. The team at Women’s Clinic of the Rio Grande Valley will provide you with the care you need to relieve your symptoms using the most comfortable means possible.

To get started with your care, book an appointment with Dr. Otero today. Their online booking form makes it easy for you to schedule an appointment that suits your schedule, or you can always call their office numbers.

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