Will They Be Able To Take The Truth? How To Admit Your Addiction To Kids!

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“I was supposed to be their leader; my kids will look up to me to protect and guide them; I wanted to be the kind of father, whom they could love, respect and look up to; If they come to know about the truth, what would be my image? How I’ll be able to look into my kid’s eyes? Will they be able to understand my situation?”

These are the thoughts that often race through the mind of people who struggle with addiction. Their aim is to pretend normal and to ensure that their kids would never find the truth.

However, the fact is kids, somewhere know that something is wrong with their parents! Despite your best efforts, addiction is one thing that can hinder every aspect of your life and parenting is no exception.

In fact, only in the United States, over 8.7 million children  live with parents who are dealing with some kind of addiction. Also, the reports from the National Runaway Switchboard shows that one in seven youth between ages 10 and 18 run from the abusive parents.


Furthermore, complicated situations arrive when family members hide things from kids. Some parents dread from whether to bring up the issue or to ignore it for fear of pushing the kids away. However, experts on addiction stress on the importance of sharing things with kids. Unnecessary rants, strange behaviour, arguments when gone unexplained, give kids the hint of something being wrong with the parents.

Of course, admitting to yourself that you are suffering from a problem takes a lot of courage, strength, and conviction. But, if you have plans to hide things from your kids, let it go!

Here are some kid-friendly ways to help you discuss things with your kids in a child-friendly way:

Explain Your Addiction To Them:

When discussing things with your kids, start by explaining what addiction is and why it is touted as a medical illness. Ensure them that you are just sick and will get better after the treatment. Speak with them in a friendly, age-appropriate manner. You can even ask them if they are aware that you are suffering from the addiction and if the answer is yes, ask them to express their thoughts on it.

Be Open About The Rehab Treatments:

It is likely that your kids want to know where you are going to get treated. So, discuss things with them and tell them what the rehab centers are. Show them visuals of place for instance, if you are going to the Austin drug rehab, show them how the place looks. Explain to them that you are going to live with the people taking care of you.


Control Your Emotions:

It is understandable that you become upset while talking to your child that you are going for the treatment; you should control your emotions. Crying or becoming anxious can make the situation more tensed and might make things hard on kids.


If you feel that you are reaching your saturation and will not be able to control your emotions, regain your composure, take a deep breath and then continue. Also, make your child understand that it’s okay to have feelings of sadness and anger, and you are there whenever they need help.

Explain To Them That They Can Still Communicate With You:

Once your kids are ready to believe that you need treatment and are soon going in the rehab, they would be curious to know who they can communicate with you. Comfort them by saying that telephonic conversations might not be possible too often, but they can contact you according to the rehab rules.

When it comes to dealing with addiction, knowledge is the only power, and hope and healing are the pillars! So, don’t shy away from discussing things with the family and recover with ease!

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