Why You Should Consider Space Maintainers

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Children can lose their teeth before it’s time for the permanent teeth to grow, and the space left cannot cause a problem until later. The space can be filled by the remaining teeth, preventing the permanent teeth from growing in the right position. Space maintainers in Brea can help your child from the occurrence of such an incident. You can also learn how space maintainers work and the different types of space maintainers at your visit.

How Space Maintainers Work

Space maintainers retain the space for the permanent teeth by keeping the teeth on both sides of the gap steady.  The steadiness of the teeth reduces the chance of tilting or drifting, reducing the size of the space left, meaning that the permanent teeth will fit in the space and not come in crooked. The space maintainers used by the dentist can be fixed or permanent and can only be removed by the dentist. A child needs space maintainers to avoid the risk of intensive orthodontic treatment when they are older.

Types of Space Maintainers

Band and loop

Your child’s dentist will use a wire with orthodontic bands to support the teeth leaving space for the permanent tooth to erupt. This method suits a child who has lost one or more molars, and once the teeth have all grown, the crown can be removed.

Dental shoe

This type of space maintainer is for children who are growing their molars for the first time, and a wire is set to prevent the teeth from growing in a crooked manner. The wire guides the molars as it grows in; your child will need a regular checkup to ensure that the treatment works as planned.

Removable space maintainers

This treatment is used when the tooth is ready to grow in and is customized to fit the child’s needs. A fake tooth can be fitted on the acrylic material and can be removed at any time. This type of treatment is used only on grown babies who can take good care of their oral hygiene.

Before choosing a type of space maintainer for your child, it is essential to visit a dentist who will examine the condition of the gums and then suggest a type to use. Your dentist has to consider the age of your child and the cause of the lost teeth. Maintainers can only be removed when permanent teeth erupt from the gums.  A regular x-ray on your child’s gums will help monitor the permanent teeth as it erupts naturally.

Good maintenance of the child’s oral health is essential to maintain the maintainer in good condition. Your child should avoid sugary foods and chewy food as this can damage the maintainers. Consult a doctor if your child is having a problem with the space maintainers.

Final Thought

Space maintainers help your child maintain aligned teeth, and they are inexpensive and effective. Not all children need maintainers, but you need to talk to a dentist if your child loses their teeth prematurely. Your child’s teeth will align if you choose the best type of maintainers for them with the dentist’s help.

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