Why You Need A Well Stocked First Aid Kit

first aid kit

When it comes to emergency preparation, people aren’t as good as they often think they are. They may consider stocking up on things like bottled water and canned food, certainly. They may even consider packing up some extra clothes, just in case.

Unfortunately, many people don’t consider first aid past the basics of rubbing alcohol and bandages, and that’s if they consider first aid at all. This is unfortunate, because there are so many emergency situations that require first aid, and being able to respond to those situations could mean the difference between life and death. Even if it’s not a potentially fatal situation, injuries can easily become infected and then become much worse than they would be otherwise. Many is the time when someone found themselves with a life long problem due to improper first aid.

Luckily, stocking a first aid kit isn’t difficult. You just have to be willing to plan ahead. Rubbing alcohol and bandages are important, naturally, but they only deal with one specific kind of problem. Not only that, rubbing alcohol isn’t the best wound sterilizing agent you can buy. There are other, better agents that are available on the market, and many of them are specifically designed to fit into a first aid kit.

You should also ensure that your first aid kit has things such as burn cream, pain killers, and if possible, emergency sutures. These things can help you respond to many different situations that could crop up.

You should also ensure that you have multiple first aid kits. One for the house, one for the car, and one at your place of business is a good rule of thumb. You might not think you need such a thing, and to be fair that may be true. Unless you lead a particularly dangerous life, it’s unlikely that you’ll need that kind of access to a fully stocked first aid kit. However, you never know when an accident could crop up. No body plans for a car accident, for example. However, should you have one out in the country side or on a lonely stretch of highway, you may have a long wait before an ambulance can get out to you. Having access to a first aid kit can help keep your injuries from getting worse during that time.

Similarly, most jobs have job site accidents that are rather common. There are spills and falls that can happen, heavy equipment can easily drop on you or break down and cause injury, or just a simple mistake that leads to a broken finger or a deep cut. Having a well stocked first aid kit could keep you from needing to take a day off, thus losing out on that day’s paycheck.

Ultimately, first aid kits are the difference between being able to provide immediately medical attention, and leaving things to chance. When it comes to injury, you never want to leave things to chance. That’s the way a simple, treatable injury becomes a life-threatening illness.

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