Why You Can’t Live Without Vitamins ?

You will probably spend the rest of your life hearing about vitamins and supplements, but no one will tell as much about the two as this article is about to. The subject of vitamins and natural herbal supplements is broad, but this article will touch on the basics while covering all the vitamins, their functions and why you are considered unhealthy if your diet is vitamin deficient. Before you lash at the unfriendly tone the article may have assumed, take a minute and try figuring how much you know about the vitamins. If you find yourself in doubt of how much you know, then this article is forged just for you, but if you find out that you know a little way too much about this topic, it is probable that you are a doctor or better still, a vitamin, that’s with a light touch.

Vitamins will continue making a significant part of the human diet. Day in day out, vitamins will also continue playing a major role in the bodily functions of every living being. It is safe to say that vitamins are charged with many bodily responsibilities; where carbohydrates and proteins are charged with provision of energy and body building respectively, a vitamin is a jack of all trades but surprisingly a master of all. Vitamins play their roles so well that the other nutrients are tempted to cease operation in the absence of the vitamins. Whether it is reproduction, vision, bone formation or melanin formation, vitamins are actively involved.

There are 13 vitamins known to human science. If you are not keen or are big headed, you will argue with the first statement. In humans, 9 vitamins are water soluble while the remaining 4 are fat soluble. As the name would have it, the vitamins are soluble in their respective solvents, i.e. water and fat respectively. A deeper insight into each vitamin is important.

Vitamin A
Deficiency of vitamin A causes a condition known as night blindness, which is the inability to see clearly in dim light. Vitamin A promotes vision, participates actively in reproduction and prevents bone wasting.

Vitamin B-1
It goes by the popular name Thiamine. It is also known to cause drowsiness if taken in large doses. Due to this, controlled amounts are used to make muscle relaxants. It plays a major role in conversion of carbohydrates into energy. Helps maintains the nervous system.

Vitamin B-2
Also called Riboflavin, it is important in cell respiration and formation of red blood cells. It keeps away migraine headaches, cracked lips and dandruff.

Vitamin B-3
Aids in blood circulation and lowers the levels of cholesterol. It works towards a glowing skin and improved sexual drive.

Vitamin B-6
It plays a major role in the fight against heart disease as well as promoting a healthy central nervous system. Important to note is that alcoholic beverages destroy B-6.

Vitamin B-12
It prevents anaemia by aiding in formation of red blood cells, a major component of blood. It’s paramount for a photographic memory and increased concentration.

Vitamin D
For the tanned ladies, you get more than just a tan by just lying 15 minutes on the beach. Well, if you thought of the compliments you get, you are right but in the context of this article Vitamin D is more like it. This nutrient is very vital to bone development.

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