Why Women Love to Wax


Every person wants to look his or her best on a daily basis. Some people buy high-quality Shu Uemura beauty products in the hopes of improving appearances. While some women rely on cosmetics and beautification, other women just opt for keeping their face and body naturally clean: plucking, shaving and shaping their brows to look better even without makeup on.

Waxing is one of the many ways that women remove hairs from different parts of their bodies. A lot of waxes have been developed for this purpose such as cold wax and hot wax. Aside from the difference in preparation, there are also waxes categorized by their ingredients like milk wax, honey wax and aloe vera wax. Even with the alternatives to waxing such as plucking, laser treatments, and shaving, a lot of women prefer waxing more.

Here are some of the many reasons why women love to wax:

1. Women love waxing compared to other hair removal options.

– Waxing hair growth quality is better than shaving.

One of the key things that women love about waxing is the delay in hair growth compared to shaving. Have you noticed that when you shave, the hair seems to grow stronger and faster? The shaved area becomes hairy in just a few days’ time. The hair seems stronger because instead of being plucked from the roots, it’s cut from the middle part.

– Waxing can be done less frequently than shaving.

Waxing can be done once a month or once in 2 months, while shaving has to be done weekly due to the thick visible hairs. High-quality wax often results in lesser time needed, and with repetition, waxing eventually becomes less painful.

Actually, when a woman starts waxing after becoming used to shaving, she experiences more pain than if she started waxing without shaving.

– Waxing takes less time than plucking.

Women love to wax because it takes lesser time than plucking and the results are often more desirable. Plucking takes too much time because you have to pull out one hair at a time or else your skin will break and bleed.

– Waxing is more affordable compared to hair laser treatments

Waxing is more affordable and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Hair laser treatments will leave your skin looking hairless and smooth for a long period of time, but they are expensive and can only be done by specialists. Self-conscious women prefer to wax by themselves.

2. Some hair removal waxes double as exfoliant.

There are also some skin benefits from waxing too. Waxing leaves you with smooth and silky skin because it removes the hair from the roots. The common ingredients in waxing, like honey, milk, and others, are good for the skin. The more you wax your body hair, the finer and softer they grow back. Women love to wax because of the added exfoliation.

3. Good for the skin in general.

A lot of women believe waxing to be therapeutic and healthy especially when the wax being used is soy-based instead of chemical-based. Soy-based wax is said to bond with the hair instead of the skin. It’s important to choose the right wax ingredients because waxing can cause your skin to slightly open up as the hair roots are being pulled out.

4. Waxing can be done at home.

Much like shaving and plucking, waxing can be done in the comfort of your own home. While hair removal should be done with some assistance, the self-conscious woman would want to Some women love waxing because they can do their deed in private, and away from prying eyes.

Since waxing opens up the pores, it’s important to practice proper hygiene. Women love to wax for a variety of reasons and it all boils down to preference and style. Some women love to go hairless while some want to go all-natural.

Additional tip regarding waxing:

Moist, waxed areas are prone to infection so you really have to be diligent in choosing what wax ingredient to use on your skin. As an added precaution, apply an anti-bacterial cream to waxed area to prevent dirt and bacteria build-up. Aside from that, you should do a scrub on the area, 3 days after waxing to make sure that the hair doesn’t get stuck in closed pores.

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