Why We Use Sleep Mask For Sleeping

In this article you are going to find the list of best sleep mask on the market of Mippin. Some people pay attention to total darkness for them to be able to sleep which is why the sleep mask is there. When you desire to take a rest in a place where there happen to be much light then you should be considering the use of the sleep mask.

What sleeping mask is best for you?

There are many factors that come into play when deciding (budget, sleeping position, facial features, etc.).

Can’t decide which are the best sleeping masks? You are not alone. Deciding which sleep mask is right for you can be a bit overwhelming at first and is a common problem shared by many people. A sleeping mask can be worn at home or while traveling as a passenger on an airplane or train.

People like to use them when they are in a hotel, in a hospital, or when they sleep in a place other than their home. The nocturnes use them during the day, other people during the night. Some wear a mask when they are in the office to take a power nap, and others like its benefits for relaxation and meditation.

Your first task is to think about what your main use is for your sleep mask, as this will help to narrow down your options. We at Dream Essentials have taken a look at the different scenarios and have compiled a list of our best recommendations.

Do you sleep on your side or face up?

If you sleep on your side, you will want a mask that is flexible and does not sink in your face. People who sleep mainly on their side may prefer a more aerodynamic mask profile so that the mask does not move so easily with different sleep positions.

Our Twilight Side Sleeper is a unique size mask with a comfortable cotton lining. It is thin line but made of multiple layers for a great blocking of light. Each mask comes with a carrying bag, earplugs and a case for earplugs.

Our Dream Essentials Contoured Sleep Mask is also light enough for those who sleep on their side. It is soft, flexible and breathable so it stays fresh while you sleep. The Contoured Sleeping Mask comes in two colors; black and water, and also comes with an easily adjustable Velcro strap.

sleep mask

Finally, if you want a sleeping mask that is flexible and extremely affordable, the Snooze is unbeatable! Lightweight and soft satin, this mask will help you fall asleep quickly. The Snooze comes in 4 different colors and offers a double elastic band.

Masks to help with swollen eyes:

There are many things that can cause swollen eyes. Staring at a computer monitor all day, crying, allergies and lack of sleep can cause swollen and tired eyes. Our line of gel masks Dream Essentials Gel Masks give your eyes to spa-like experience. Feel the complete relaxation as our gel eye masks for swollen eyes will calm your eyes. Placing the mask in the refrigerator for 45 minutes at a time will provide cold therapy to relieve migraines and headaches. For heat therapy, place a gel mask in warm water and indulge.

If you suffer from dry eyes, we offer you a complete collection of dry eye therapy. Dry eyes cause itching, scratching or a burning sensation that can ultimately affect vision. Our Tranquil eyes with Thermos Eyes or Tranquil eyes with beads can be used as sleeping masks to help hydrate your eyes.

What type of fabric is the best?

The materials used in the construction of the mask are important, especially for people irritated or even allergic to certain materials and fabrics. From silk eye masks to cotton eye masks for sleep, we carry a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. There is a great choice for a silk sleep mask, plus our opulent sleep masks come in beautiful cotton patterns.

sleeping mask

Deep Rest Eye Mask with Contoured Shape and Adjustable Head Strap

This sleep mask is a perfect choice for anyone, especially those with curved eyelash as it is made in a contoured shape and has adjustable straps. With this sleep mask you would be able to blink your eyes and would not have to bother about eyelashes been disturbed. This sleep mask, is perfect for blocking of light and guarantees you sleep better anywhere, with the complete comfort that you desire.


  • Lightweight and can be used anywhere
  • Allows you to blink your eyes
  • Made compactable for use with any nose type
  • Blocks light giving you comfortable sleep


  • Some persons say it too dark
  • Can cause a headache when you do not close your eyes
  • Becomes warm after a couple of minute of wearing
  • Complaints of not been able to fit some females.

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