Why to Consult a Dermatologist in jp nagar?

Acne or pimples are quite a common problem. It can happen to anyone regardless of their age. So, everyone wants to know how to get rid of acne. If you are suffering from the problem of acne for a long time, then it is highly recommended to consult a dermatologist in jp nagar.

In case it is not possible to eliminate pimples, then doctors aim to reduce redness and shrink blemishes. We are discussing certain treatment methods that dermatologists go for treating acne. Here is everything you want to know, down below.

Treatment of acnes

You must not squeeze or pick them. If you do the same, then the spread of bacteria can lead to more acne. It can further lead to acne scarring and infection. You can also use various other methods to get rid of acne. Wash the affected portion with a cleanser. Then pat dry with a towel. You can also go for a spot treatment that helps to dry the pimple. Various treatment methods are benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil, and salicylic acid. You can apply these things to pimples and surrounding areas. Also, always apply these products with a clean hand.

Apart from the spot treatment, you can also go for home remedies. So, if you want to dry lesions, then you can apply calamine lotion. You can also use masks directly on pimples. There are various kinds of masks, including clay masks.

If you have got pimples on the body, such as back and chest, then the treatment approach is quite different. The potential treatments for the same include:

Use body washes containing benzoyl peroxide- You can apply body wash and leave for 2-5 minutes. The person with sensitive skin can go for 5.3 percent of benzoyl peroxide solution and with oily skin can use 10 percent of the solution.

Apply adapalene gel to affected areas- You will easily find this gel at any pharmacy store. If you still feel that it is quite difficult to get rid of acne, then you can take the consultation from a dermatologist in jp nagar.

Change clothes after exercise- if you can’t take a shower after a body exercise, then wipe the skin with a clean towel.

Don’t pick or scratch pimples- Picking pimples make them look worse and enhances the risk.

Apply oil-free sunscreen while going out- Using oil-free sunscreen lotions help to prevent oil build-up in the skin.

Use fragrance and oil-free lotions- You must avoid using fragrances and oils on affected areas.

The acne blemishes and pimples can take some time to get clear. If you don’t see any results in six weeks, then you are advised to see a skin specialist.


Deep or large pimples lead to skin damage and scarring. The scars can occur at raised or lower parts of the skin. They become more prominent as you get older and lose collagen from your skin. Various ways help you to take care after the breakout.

You must refrain from popping, squeezing, and picking blemishes. These things will lead to skin damage and enhance the risk of scarring. You must build a regular practice of washing the face, applying anti-acne treatments, and exfoliating. Don’t scrub the skin excessively. It can lead to overproduction of oil that again results in acne and blemishes. If you are not able to control acne or pimples, then you can go to a dermatologist in jp nagar.


The occasional breakout or pimple can occur, but you must take steps to prevent the same. You must take care of the skin daily by preventing excess oil. You can also prevent pimples by cleaning your skin two times a day with warm water.

You can apply topical agents for preventing blemishes to reduce oil. Also, you can apply fragrance and oil-free moisturizer. Avoid using oily or fragranced products. Also, change the pillow covers and sheets twice a week. It will help to decrease the build-up of bacteria, dead skin, and oil.

If the person is suffering from severe to moderate acne then you will require the guidance of doctors. The antibiotics will decrease bacteria causing acne.


Many people suffer from the problem of acne or pimples. When a blemish happens then people take measures to dry it and heal on its own. You can’t get rid of pimples easily but you have to go for certain treatment methods.

You can consult with the dermatologist in jp nagar or skincare specialist. The doctor will prescribe the best treatment methods.

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