Why There Should Be Nothing Wrong with Hair Transplantation

It is surprising that despite the increase in awareness about hair loss, hair transplantation is still hidden discretely, as if it is something to be embarrassed about. Millions of people, both men and women, opt for hair transplantation across the world.

That too, not only in developed nations like Australia, the UK and America, but also in several Third World countries which this technology is surely but surely arriving. In most parts of the medical communities in Australia, the technique of hair transplant has started gaining acceptance as a legitimate medical remedy for treating hair loss, male pattern baldness to be precise.

While hair loss does not cause any bodily harm to the body as such, most people find it difficult to deal with it. Like it or not, hair plays a crucial role in defining how we look and for many losing hair is a type of social embarrassment. It could also be hypothesized that loss of hair is equated with ageing. However, just like anti-ageing creams are casually bought and sold over the counter, it is fair to be rational about hair transplantation as a viable solution to hair loss.

Today there is a need to embrace and accommodate hair transplantation as a remedy for treating hair loss. Here are some important reasons we must accept and internalize, as a society, for hair transplantation.

We have other artificial parts – why is our own natural hair taboo?
From ageing geriatrics who have titanium hip bones and joints, to college kids with braces, to the prosthetic arms and legs that give people a new lease in life, artificial parts today are common to mankind. On the other hand, hair transplantation does not entail fake hair – it entails extracting hair from one region to transplant it to another

If the end result is a beautiful head of hair – or at least covering up bald patches – it is a noteworthy scientific achievement.

It enables mankind to perfect upon nature

There are many flaws in our biological design which we have acquired from our primitive DNA. If we are hardwired genetically to lose hair by a certain age, it seems only obvious that we can enhance the lifespan of our looks by a little application of technology.  We do it all the time with the surgical removal of wisdom teeth and appendixes, the donation and subsequent implantation of eyes and bone marrow cells, and other areas where science must intervene to create a better life.

Our professional and personal lives necessitate it

Yes, we will get judged based on how we look, both by our workplace superiors and peers, and our loved ones and significant others. In both situations, hair loss makes us look older than we already look. Why must we compromise on our looks when we can afford a solution that actually works? Hair transplant can get your old look back as exhibited.

It is a lasting investment

Unlike a wig, hair transplantation is a lasting investment. Further, as explained above, it is an asset – you are judged both socially and professionally on your looks. People make perceptions in just seconds, and it is important to create a good impact. Further, if you can afford it, then there is no reason why you should not opt for hair transplantation especially if it’s as safe as possible. It is relatively painless and effective. Apart from a wig, the other option – going bald – may not appeal to many. Unless you have the physique and facial structure to match, bald is not a look for many. And obviously, it will not appeal to women.

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