Why Take Vegan Protein Powder at the Time of COVID-19

Author: Shirley Daniel

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Everyone wants to be healthy. But the current pandemic has put the whole world at a standstill.
A simple fever, cough, or cold is enough to scare the most courageous person on the planet out
of their wits. Today’s ongoing health concern is why most people are looking for something to
strengthen the immune system. A proper meal and a complete lifestyle change are sometimes
not enough. Having a supplement such as vegan protein powder is an additional way to boost
your and your loved ones’ immunity.

A healthy diet is indeed essential for the body. But the coronavirus (also known as COVID-19)
reaches the respiratory tract due to the immune system failure. This premise is why protecting
health is of great importance. From foetus to adult, a person’s nutritional intake impacts
immune development. Fortunately, studies show that a well-balanced vegan eating routine
helps improve immunity. An intake of vegan protein powder gives just that.

Protein helps the immune system attack viruses and other pathogens

An individual has two kinds of immune systems – the innate and the acquired. The first is your
initial line of defence. Depending on the pathogen, it can quickly multiply or infect the healthy
cells it encounters along its journey. So the moment a foreign substance enters the body, the
phagocyte cells immediately attack and kill the invading virus or toxin. The second one
produces the antibodies that protect you from a particular pathogen. When it attacks again, the
body can then fend off the intruder.

Both systems work together. And a nutrient-rich, plant-based diet helps support this by
influencing healthy cell activity and production. Both vegetables and fruits are packed with
fibres, antioxidants, and anti-viral properties. These also boost the immune system’s T-cells that
kill germ-infected cells and create an immune response to prior pathogen-invaders. They also
scan the body for any foreign trespassers and, when found dangerous, eliminate them on-site.
Plus, it prevents inflammation, which makes a person less prone to infection and sickness.

It is an excellent complement to your daily exercise routine

The hype about protein is all about building muscle mass. Workouts and routines are all well
and good. Muscles are not made out of steel. They become sore and bruised during any
strenuous exercise. Without proper support, your muscles may recover slowly.
Leucine is an essential amino acid found in protein necessary for muscle maintenance, growth,
and development. It is also responsible for muscle recovery after a hard day at work or a heavy
gym session. So, whether you do daily exercises to beef up your frame or stretch your limbs,
having the right intake ensures that your muscles recuperate faster and are well-protected.

Plant-based proteins contain all the essential amino acids

Amino acids are popularly known as the building blocks of protein and are necessary for proper
body metabolism. If you are not vegan, you normally get it from dairy and meat-based
products. But contrary to popular belief, you can also get them from non-animal foods, such as
nuts, legumes, grains, tofu, soymilk, and vegan protein powders.
The entire body needs protein – muscles, all your organs, skin, hair, and bones. But if you are
seriously considering shifting to a no-meat diet, you can also opt to have vegan protein to complete your daily food intake.

Author Bio: Shirley Daniel is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

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