Why Staying Fit is Important

why staying fit is important

An individual is capable to live his or her life to the fullest if he or she is fit and stays fit. While physical and mental fitness is very important in your life, it also reduces your risk to medical conditions and diseases as well. If you are still not convinced, let me can show you so many reasons why staying fit is important.

Defining Fitness

Being fit does not necessarily mean a flat belly, six-pack abs, or muscle-y triceps and biceps. Fitness does not only refer to being fit physically, but it also means to an individual’s mental state. Even if you are physically fit but is always troubled and mentally unstable, then your body will not also function optimally. And staying fit does not only mean long sessions of workouts and running, but it also includes a lot of rest and a disciplined diet.

why staying fit is importantWhy Staying Fit is Important?

When we were at a young age, many of us realize the importance of being fit and healthy. It is because we were still care-free and we are more capable of coping with depression and stress with the help of our family and friends. But when we get to the point where we are on our own, we tend to lose hope all of a sudden and end up in an unhealthy lifestyle. However, knowing the reasons as to why staying fit is important, you will be much more encouraged to stop your phase and start exerting effort to be fit. Here are some of the benefits of staying fit:

Stronger Immune System

Being active through exercise and workouts not only trains your body but your immune system as well. While exercise and workouts put you through stress, your immune system makes sure that you can still keep going. This will make your immune system stronger and fights back illnesses and diseases better.

Better Circulatory System

Exercising makes your heart pump more blood into your body. This, in turn, means that enough blood is pumped more efficiently through your system. This also helps in reducing disease risk caused by cholesterol. A better circulation can help prevent hypertension and other related diseases promote even and younger skin and help you avoid extremities from getting sick and cold.

Mood Booster

Exercise and workouts help in the release of endorphins and dopamine. These substances that are produced by the brain helps improve your current mood, make you calmer and feel good. With your mood boosted it also reduces your stress level and avoids depressions.

It improves your look mirror

Staying fit and active results in a livelier and healthier skin. It also reduces those bags under your eyes and wrinkles that will give you a fresher and better physical appearance. Moreover, doing some exercise like running can reduce your stubborn fats and result in lean muscles that can feature your body’s great physique.

You can read more about medial head tricep exercises in this article.

Uplift your Confidence

With your mood boosted and achieving a great physique built, you will have more confidence in yourself. You will be much more relax and comfortable with your body, gives off a positive effect and improve your life. This, in turn, will help make you happier and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Better Sleeping Quality

Doing exercise or workout during the day can help you sleep better at night. Because stress level is lowered when we stay active, you can have quality sleeps without any problem and gives your body the rest it needs.

Slows down the signs of aging

We all hate the fine lines and wrinkles showing up on our face. Although aging is inevitable, you can slow its fast phase by staying fit and active. Workout sessions or exercising stimulates the somatotrophs cells in the pituitary gland to secrete human growth hormone. Human Growth hormone is mainly responsible for bone and muscle growth but it also helps in slowing down the effects of the aging process. It heals your skin cells and helps you look and feel younger.

Stronger Heart

Your cardiac health plays a very important role in your overall health. Physical exercises like running help in keeping your cardiovascular system pumping properly. It prevents fats from clogging your arteries, improves your heart’s stamina and reduces your blood pressure.

Improved Mental Health

Working out and exercise pushes your heart to pump enough blood to your brain and throughout your body. This can help you become more alert and focused than usual. It also improves your ability to cope up with stressing and depressive situations.

It improves your brain function

You already know that exercise increases your blood flow to the brain which helps you become productive and alert. But it also helps in improving your learning ability as well as sharpening your memory by fueling the birth of new brain cells in your brain’s medial temporal lobe called the hippocampus. It reduces your risk of dementia and other cognitive illnesses and diseases as you get older.

Better Sex Driveunder pillow

A good blood flow through exercise and workout is once again proven to be helpful. It helps prevent the risk of having erectile dysfunction in men. Additionally, exercising helps produce testosterone that helps in increasing your sex drive. Moreover, it gives you more energy for longer and quality bed scenes with your significant other.

Reduced Cancer Risk

There are certain types of cancer that seem to be affected by regular physical exercise. Studies revealed that there is a significant decrease risk of colon cancer with people that have physically active occupations, statistically. There are even some studies suggesting that exercising during teenage years and adulthood may protect you against breast cancer.

Lowers your risk of diabetes

By staying active and exercising regularly your body will be using more energy more often and helps improve your weight. This means that you will less likely experience a problem with your insulin levels that is the key factor to diabetes.

Based on a 2014 study, women who performed 60 minutes per week of strength training and sweated for at least 150 minutes per week had a reduced risk of having type 2 diabetes when compared to inactive women.

How to stay fit?

Now that you know the reasons why staying fit is important, what are the things you can do to stay fit? Sure there are other ways to lose weight and stay fit like consuming or injecting supplemental drugs like an HGH for sale, steroids, and some other drugs but here are some natural tips for staying fit:

Start Exercising

Of course, it will be the first tip. Exercise is the best way to stay active and stay fit. But, I do not mean you need to lift weight or do a hundred push-ups. No! Even if you get out for a walk or run for a few minutes every day will give you significant results.

Drink more water

Our bodies are mostly made up of water. Although there are many fluids that can help our body to be hydrated, plain water is still the best. It cleanses our organs, helps flush out toxins from our body through urine and perspiration and refreshes our body for better functioning.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits have sugar. But it also contains nutritious fiber that can help in regulating your digestive system. Meanwhile, lush, green vegetables provide all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Make sure you eat more fruits and vegetables during meal time to stay fit and have a healthy lifestyle.

Get enough sleep

What are exercises and workouts for, if you deny yourself the necessary amount of sleep? Sleeping significantly affects our physical and mental functioning. Sleep gives your body the time it needs to rejuvenate, repair and heals itself in a way that it cannot when you are awake. So, do yourself a favor and sleep more.

Stop the bad habits

A healthy lifestyle is needed in order to stay fit. Smoking Alcohol and even drugs are not good for your health, physically or mentally. Some studies revealed there are more people dying from bad habit than people dying in murder or crimes. Not only does bad habit affects you but it also affects your family and friends. So, say goodbye to those unnecessary bad habits of yours and live a healthier life.

Stay Active

Exercise is one way to be active. But there are a lot more things you can do to stay active. Clean the house. Get your pet out for a walk. Walk or use a bicycle when going to work instead of driving. Participate in some social activities. Grab some garden tools and start planting beautifully colored plants in your lawn. Being active simply means making yourself busy instead of lying all day in the bed, scrolling on your phone or binging on the latest TV drama.


Many people do not realize the power of meditation. It reduces your stress level and prevents depression. However, meditation does not only relax and calm your mind but it also helps in learning more about yourself. A few minutes of sitting in silence can help you find your inner self and your true goals in life. This, in turn, will help you to become more focused on your daily tasks ahead.


Final Thoughts:

Staying fit is a requirement for a good overall health. And it is open to all ages. Even if we are not at a young age any more, we can still turn over and start doing something to be physically and mentally fit. This, in turn, will reflect in our daily lives and gives us the ability to be livelier and happier in our short life.


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