Why Now is the Best Time to Quit your Addiction

Why get addicted to any substance in the first place? The answer usually lies in the individual or the circumstance. And while this is not a subtle attempt to judge any addict, it is a clarion call to examine your addiction. If you have been relying on a substance for years to get comforted along the way as you contend with life’s challenges, you surely are not alone. But for the majority of people who are addicted, the negative influences surely outweigh the positives.

Whether you have given it a thought in the past or are hoping that this is the time you do well to come out of your addiction, you should know that you are already on the right path.

How to Come out of Any Addiction?

Many people struggle with getting out of an addiction. And as you would have come to realize, relying on particular or multiple substances to pull through daily struggles is easy, but it is quitting it that is always the hard task. But you should know that like you, many people have succeeded with doing away with that part of their lives and have moved on to make better choices and realize their lives potential. Below is a straightforward, no-bullshit guide to quitting an addiction.

Just Do It

This phrase from fashion giant Nike holds a lot of positive messages that have helped people achieve a lot. And for the addict who is looking to get their lives back to a positive track, the first thing is to get started. Start by imagining a world where you don’t have to rely on alcohol or drugs to get by. Tell yourself the truth that you have all it takes to achieve all you desire or at least have the ability to try even if you will have to contend with the forces to get by.

No more lies. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to tell yourself lies that will hurt you in the long run. Drug and alcohol addiction is not good for your mental and physical health. And you are depriving yourself of the happiness you truly deserve when you continue to use and abuse.

Get Inspired

Inspiration is the bedrock of creativity. And whether you like it or not, the truth is that you can be sober to create your best work. Many people, believe that drugs bring out the creativity in you, but that’s not true. It does alter your body chemistry to delve into states you normally can’t reach. But as someone who was once addicted to heroin, I can tell you that the road to paradise is a clean one that combines the trio of a dirty mind, purity of soul, and an energized body.

The dirty mind is where the creative power lies, the ability to transcend different fields and alter the natural circuits in your brain doesn’t require any chemical substance but your ability to inspire yourself.

A pure soul knows right from wrong and will not hesitate to lead the mind and body on the right path. Of course, you will need the strength of the body to forge ahead in any direction you set to travel. So you want to ponder on this as you decide to quit your addition today. This page has tips on finding the inspiration you need to get out of an addiction.

Get Help

You surely don’t have to walk the path back to normalcy all by yourself. Some people and professionals are happy to help you get your life back to fresh air and water. That peace of mind, body, and soul that you so desire to achieve is just a stretch away. And you will have to stop bottling up your emotions and come clean if you will get the right help you need.

Start by speaking with your friends and family about your desire to get help with quitting your addiction. You know how they say that the truth will set you free, well this is where the journey to freedom begins. You have to be open to the truth and understand that no one is perfect when it comes to dealing with the struggles of life. Even your shrink or counselor has struggles they have to deal with.

But for you, your addiction will do more harm than good. And you deserve all the good that is just in the pipeline waiting to flow your way once you get rid of the toxins in your body. You can begin your journey to detox at Mallard Lake one of the best facilities that are truly concerned with helping individuals who are addicted to alcohol, and excessive drug use quit once and for all.

There are many other facilities in the area that can help you make the change and find the power to fight your substance abuse. You just have to research or speak to someone about your plans.

Be Committed

How can you stay committed to your quest to get out of addiction? You need to set daily reminders that will alert you to why you are doing it and what you expect to achieve at the end of the day. As for the why, only you can bring yourself to understand why you want to get clean. It could be so you get back the years spent endangering your health or so you can forge ahead with your life goals. But as for what’s in store for you, trust me when I say a lot.

As someone who used to be addicted to drugs in the past, quitting two years ago has led me to paths that I didn’t expect to travel in the next decade while I was still using. In the time since I quit, I have gotten a job, started a business, got engaged to the most beautiful human in the world, and now have the trust and respect of my parents once again.

These were all out of the picture when I was reliant on drugs. I feel happier, strong, and loved. And I know you can too if you commit to getting clean today. This website link https://www.webmd.com/connect-to-care/addiction-treatment-recovery/health-benefits-sobriety has more on some of the benefits associated with being sober after years of substance abuse.

Final Note

There hasn’t been a better time to quit substance abuse than now. This very moment should be the one that determines the rest of your life. And I can bet that you have a lot planned to achieve. Whether you have been using for ages or just started and have been struggling with the desire to come clean.

I can attest to the fact that you can get out of the rut that you find yourself in. Remember that it starts with getting started, getting the right help, and staying committed to seeing it through. You can do it, and I believe in you.

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