Why juicing and what juicer do you need?

You are reading this post probably because you are a juice enthusiasts or you just want to add juice to your daily diet. Adding juice to your daily diet is simply the perfect way to improve your health. Juicing is done by extracting the juice from vegetables and fresh fruit via the use of either a masticating juicer or centrifugal juicer.

The juice extracted contains most of the minerals and vitamins needed in the body. According to some juicing proponents, it is said that juicing is healthier than eating the whole fruits because the body can easily absorb nutrients which relieves your digestive system from working on fiber.

This is lots of health benefits which is why you need to add this to your diet. Some of the benefits are:

Mental alertness

Human brain need oxygen and nutrients to perform effectively and this is enhanced by the amount and quality of blood in circulation. Vitamins and minerals from juice plays a major role to this by improving the blood in circulation which means quality nutrient and oxygen will get to the brain.


The best way to ward off cold and flu and also detoxify your body of some pathogenic components that invades your system from the environment is through the intake of juice. They are alkaline in nature and this helps to deal with the toxins in the body by eliminating them through the lungs, skin and kidneys.

Disease preventive

The nutrients absorbed from juice has the propensity to protect the body system against cancer, inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular disease. This can also help to raise the body PH level thereby preventing the body against some diseases that are associated with acidic imbalance in the body.

Weight loss

Are you overweight and obese and you’ve tried lots of trick and all proved abortive? The perfect solution is by adding juice to your diet as regular intake of this will help you burn out some fat in your body and within weeks are more likely to lose some pound.

Boosts the immune system

One of the perfect way to increase your immunity level is via the intake of juice. Making this a habit will boost your immune system which is quite hard for you to get sick easily.

What juicer do you need?

After making a decision to incorporate juicing in your daily diet, it is very important that you get the perfect machine to make your juice at your own convenience. There are two different juicer machine you can choose from and each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

There are two different types of juicer machines you will find more detailed info in one of the leading juicer machine review site known as juicer base and they are masticating juicer and the centrifugal. The masticating juicer is the best juicer for every home owner who want to make juice without the neighbor knowing what is happening. It means it doesn’t make noise in operation, it has no fruit oxidation because it works slowly to ensure it get the most of the nutrients out of the fruit and it is ideal for fleshy vegetables and soft fruits. The centrifugal is ideal for starter and those who love to get their juicing done at a faster rate. It works very fast, it causes oxidation as a result of its speed and it doesn’t extract most of the nutrients from the fruits or vegetables and it is best used for hard fruits and vegetable.

Getting the best Juicer machine for your need might be difficult and challenging as a result of different products out there in the market. You don’t ever want to end up getting a less quality juicer machine and to get the best product reviews, you can hop over the juicer base reviews websites for the quality juicer machine for your juicing needs.

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