Why is Important to Have a Fixed Bedtime


Since you were young, a bedtime was given and not well received. You didn’t understand why your parents would cut your days short. If they could stay up late, why couldn’t you? Truth is, they didn’t want to deal with your poor attitude the next day, if you didn’t get enough sleep! Now that you are older you realize the importance of sleep. The long days of work, school, and family life weigh-in on you. Sleep is the best way to rejuvenate your body and brain so choose to follow a bedtime for your health.

Over the years, you have burned the midnight oil, possible for several years now. This must stop because it is taking a toll on your body and mind. There are times you must extend into the late hours, just don’t make it a habit. You want to be your best mentally and physically, so take the time to get good sleep. Good thing there are subtle signs that tell us when we are not getting proper sleep. If we look at the signs of a tired child you will see these same signs in yourself. Children wake ready for the day and then as the hours go by they will start to drag, act frustrated and emotional. As adults we do the same thing. Our mornings are filled with pep and hard work and the afternoons we begin to get groggy or maybe even irritable. Food provides you the fuel your body needs for the rest of the day, but if you lack sleep you may still be tired. By the time you get home, you are in no mood to play and less of a mood to get other tasks done. Do yourself a favor by following a good bedtime for your health.

If you find your body aches during the day it may be due to a unsuitable mattress. Most of us do not assume our mattress is the reason for our daytime drowsiness. Take a minute to do some research on your mattress to make sure it is good for you. There are several mattress reviews available to guide you to better sleep. Your bed should be the best investment for proper sleep. A quality mattress will let you sleep more sound and following a bedtime more appealing.

The best part is only you are in charge of making sure you follow a bedtime. If you happen to leave your bed you won’t get the “1…2…3…” count from an authoritative figure down the hall. It is up to you to get the rest you need. If you want your mind to be sharp for the next day, get good sleep. One thing that will help is the more realistic you make your bedtime goal, the easier it will be to continue. Try starting out with getting to bed only an hour earlier. What ever you plan on doing in that hour is not worth the extra sleepiness you will feel tomorrow. Take steps to unwind by eliminating activities that keep your mind awake such as watching television in bed, eating, drinking, or using your computer. This hour that you are cutting back should be time to prepare your mind and body for the rest you need.

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