Why Having an Echocardiogram Can Improve Your Heart Health


Heart issues often have devastating results, and in most cases, you will need an expert to diagnose and offer treatments that will help you cope. Serious heart complications cannot be a death sentence when you find a provider for an echocardiogram in Upper East Side. Excellent technologies, coupled with experience, are what you get when you seek heart expert’s services at Upper East Side Cardiology.

How can an echocardiogram benefit your heart health?

An echocardiogram is a heart x-ray, as it images your heart without the need to slice you open like in surgery. With experts from Upper East Side Cardiology, you can understand your heart better and the issues you need to be sorted before they get out of hand. Your doctor, during the session, will look at various issues, such as the efficiency of your heart muscles and how your heart pumps blood to the rest of your body. Different types of echocardiograms that can help detect heart issues include:

  •         Doppler- a procedure that checks the direction of blood movement as your heart expands and contracts
  •         Transthoracic- this is a transducer that helps create images of your chest
  •         Stress-helps in understanding the activities of your heart
  •         Transesophageal-this is a transducer that goes down your esophagus to capture some pictures

What heart issues can an echocardiogram detect?

Echocardiograms help detect many heart problems, as they can pick images at various chambers of your heart. The technique can check your heartbeat and other issues such as:

  •         Aorta problems
  •         Size
  •         Fluids around your heart
  •         Damage
  •         Pump strength
  •         Blood clots
  •         Valve issues
  •         Defects

Things to expect during an echocardiogram session

An echocardiogram is not a medically invasive procedure and will not require any special preparation. Therefore, you will not experience any downtime or need preparation at all. During the procedure itself, you will remove body coverings waist up and sit on the examination table as you await your doctor. The next step will involve lying chest up on the table as you wait for your examiner.

The examiner will use special electrodes attached to your body to allow your heart to receive special currents that beam back as images. The images will display on the screen right beside you, where you can take a glimpse of your hardworking heart.

In the examination room, your examiner will dim the lights to have a clear image of various chambers of your heart for the examination. During the procedure also, you may receive special instructions such as breathing in a certain way or moving in a certain direction to capture your heart at various angles.

Echocardiograms take less than an hour and will solely depend on the condition you have. The more extreme the heart issue, the longer you will lie on the table. After the examination, you will receive the results of your procedure and treatment if you need any.

A better heart is key to your happiness, something you can achieve with Upper East Side Cardiology. Begin your journey to better heart health by calling the center or booking your spot online.

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