Why Everyone Should Stop Drinking Softdrinks?

Your mom or perhaps, even your office-mate has always bugged you about that cola you often buy from the vending machine or from the in-house cafeteria.

If these people are not bugging you, they might actually be just like you, enjoying each and every single drop of soda.

That is really the hard truth about soft drinks these days as these commodities are consumed by the millions (of gallons) each and everyday.

Drinking Softdrinks

Unfortunately, if you are one person who would like to trim down on your weight or if you have consciously committed to living a healthy lifestyle, you should have to learn to let go of the soda. Here are some reasons why:

Colas are addictive.

No, you won’t actually hallucinate or have bad dreams or kill someone but you can say that with cola, chances are, you’ll end up like an addict. Cola has loads of caffeine and sugar that somehow, when you try to avoid it, you will likely experience withdrawal problems such as cravings and restlessness. It may be a little weird but yes, it is true.

As regards the caffeine content, you may or may not be aware that while caffeine makes us perkier and alive during work hours, it may also cause insomnia, palpitation, increased respiration, pre-menstrual syndrome and a whole lot more!

Colas have lots of chemicals; unnecessary and unhealthy chemicals.

Think about it. Are you still not convinced with the ongoing reports and researches about the bad effects of soft drinks for our body? Numerous studies have actually pointed out that sodas, diet sodas in particular have artificial sweeteners that are being associated with the incidence of cancer.

If you scrutinize the labels of your soft drinks, you will also find out that soft drinks are heavily laden with sugar and these sugars will give you unwanted calories. These sugars are difficult to digest unlike your all-natural fruit juices.

Colas cause osteoporosis.

Based on a study conducted by a certain group of experts, there is truth to people consuming colas and at the same time, having significantly weak bones. The first reason is that because you are not drinking soda, you are not most likely patronizing the healthier stuffs like water, fruit juices and yes, milk.

As we all know, milk is rich in calcium to help you have stronger and more stabilized bones. Meanwhile, the second reason is that the synthetic additives in soda actually make your body excrete the calcium.

Colas cause cavities.

The sugar combined with the acid in sodas makes a good space and room for cavities. Tooth decay occurs because the natural bacteria located in our mouth love the sugar in our sodas. Once the bacteria is nourished by the sugars, these microorganisms release the acids that in turn will weaken our teeth enamel.

With just these reasons, who would not be convinced of the totally damaging and dismaying effects of sodas. Just as we love ourselves, we must also love our bodies.


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