Why Ear Seeds Are Becoming Very Popular

Why Ear Seeds Are Becoming Very Popular?

Ear seeds are tiny seeds that are used to activate pressure points in the ear. They are a form of auriculotherapy or acupressure/acupuncture on the ear. The technique is based on the same concept as acupuncture. traditional Chinese medicine suggests that a person’s health or wellbeing depends on how energy flows through your body.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, your energy travels through your body across invisible pathways that are also called meridians. These pathways are found all over your body including on your ears.

Ear seeds are used in certain places on the ear to tap into the pathways and clear any energy blockages that may exist. In Chine traditional medicine, these blockages may be connected to various health conditions and relieving the blockages can help these conditions or illnesses.

It is popular because it is a generally safe treatment that is noninvasive and does not require needles. However, it is a good idea to check with a professional before trying a new treatment.

Why do people use ear seeds?

According to Chinese traditional medicine, ear seeds can help with chronic pain including lower back pain, insomnia as well as a variety of other sleep issues, depression, stress and anxiety, infertility, migraines and headaches, various addictions and weight loss.

Many people use ear seeds after professional acupressure appointments, while some use them on their own at home.

How do you use ear seeds?

It is possible to use ear seeds by yourself at home, however, it is recommended to see a professional acupressurist, at least for your first time. The professional can discuss with you the symptoms or conditions that you would like to address and will locate the corresponding pressure points on your ear. They will also teach you how to properly place the seeds on your ear.

In traditional Chinese medicine, ear seeds were made from the flowering herb, vaccaria. However, nowardays you can also find ceramic or metal ear seeds. Most professional acupuncturists will provide their own seeds, however, they are also available to purchase online.

Do ear seeds work?

While there isn’t extensive evidence or studies on the use and benefits of ear seeds or other auriculotherapy treatments, many do claim that they can help relieve certain health conditions.

Some studies do point to ear seeds being beneficial for a range of conditions, especially when they are used in conjunction with other treatments or remedies. However more studies and research is necessary for greater knowledge of the benefits and side effects of ear seeds.

Back pain

One study suggested that ear seeds helped to reduce chronic back pain. The study divided a group of nineteen chronic back pain sufferers into two. Half of the group used ear seeds on points that correspond to lower back pain. The other half of the group placed them at random poins. The first group showed better results that the second after 4 weeks. All of the participants in the group claimed a seventy-five percent decrease in pain which lasted for over a month.


Another study focused on ear seeds and their benefits for those suffering with insomnia. The study claimed that ear seeds and other forms of acupuncture appeared to reduce the symptoms of insomnia. However, this study was not without flaws and potential biases.


Ear seeds have been suggested to help with a person’s pain threshold. One study compared the pain thresholds of a group of people both before and after the use of ear seeds. The study appeared to show that the use of the seeds did in fact increase the participants’ pain tolerance.

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