Why Do I Cough When I Vape

Nowadays, it has become a common and most asked issue that users cough when they take e-cigarettes or vape products. It is an undeniable fact that moving to vape from tobacco cigarettes is a good sign. But the question is, how safe is it to vape or does it have any negative side effects?

Researchers have proven that tobacco contains unsafe synthetic compounds and harmful elements. These harmful materials will cause lung cancer or other types of disease. On the other hand, E-cigarettes can help reduce those issues and work effectively to leave the bad habit of smoking.

So have you experienced coughing while taking e juice? Don’t take the stress. Whenever you inhale some unfamiliar things or new things for the first time, you may cough. It is a natural thing. Many people become more serious about this issue. For example, some people cough when they take medicine or stuck something in their neck. In this case, what is your opinion? So coughing is a normal matter.

So Why Do People Cough At The Time of Vaping?

Vapers must know what components are included in e-liquid. You must have noticed a ratio of PG or VG in the bottles. PG means propylene glycol and VG means vegetable glycerin. These elements are utilized to prepare most of the portion of e-juice.

You will find propylene glycol in food added substances for example, flavorings like vanilla extract. Moreover, it is beneficial to produce sweet flavors as well as nicotine. On the other side, VG is basically sourced from vegetables and used to give the juice a thicker body.

Around 9% of our people have an allergy to propylene glycol. This allergy doesn’t cause big harm; rather just causes a little aggravation or a bit of coughing. So if you belong to that 9% of people, you may face this problem. In this case, it is suggested to inhale a juice that has a higher VG proportion. But the demerit is, your vaping device may become significantly heavy for this.

Because of the nicotine level, the vapers mainly cough. Many people are not accustomed to taking a huge amount of nicotine. Nicotine is the main reason for coughing. This happens when nicotine enters your body. But it is a short time effect. When you frequently start taking nicotine, then you will not have a cough. Still, there are a few components to mitigate this.

The standard level of nicotine is 3mg. This is the safe and agreeable level of nicotine that is not harmful to your body. But if you inhale more than that level, it will produce large fumes and be harmful to the body. The best juice is that it has zero mg of nicotine, and it is completely safe.

These days salt nicotine juice has gained popularity. Here the level ranges from 25 to 50 mg. But beware if you are using salt nicotine for the first time. Salt nicotine gives a throat hit, that’s why cigarette users like it. Salt nicotine is commonly vaped on pod frameworks and lower wattage. This implies that the measure of fume is much more modest contrasted with conventional sub-ohm vaping. This helps greatly to balance a lot of nicotine.


When any new user starts vaping, he builds up nicotine resistance over the long run. At the time of coughing, it shouldn’t be thought that it is a bad sign as you have coughed several times in your life. Remember that the legal vape products are certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It proves that all the vape items are safe to inhale.

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