Why Diabetic Patient Need Work Boots

Diabetic is a disease that works like a slow poison on your body. It damages the human organs slowly but the damage is life taking. For diabetes, there will be sugar or glucose in your blood for an abnormal amount. This causes nerve damage and low blood flow. In diabetes, the foot gets affected first.

If you do some researches on diabetes patients, you will see most of them are suffering from serious foot problems. To avoid this there are some boots to protect foots to get worse. Now there may be a question that why diabetic patient need the diabetic work boots? Stick with me, you will get your answer.

A Diabetic work boot:

A diabetic patient gets affected by the foot disease name diabetic ulcer. This occurs in feet and if it gets serious, then it will cause deadly infection and you may lose a limb or toe. Yes, it is deadly. Diabetic foot ulcer mostly comes in the foot ball or big toe bottom. It also happens on the spot of a callus. It is a very common problem of the diabetic patient. This complication comes in who is suffering from diabetes for long 10 years and having insulin, controlling sugar and suffering from heart disease.

Let’s talk about foot ulcer. It mainly comes from irritation and pressure on the foot. If you can reduce the pressure on your foot than the ulcer growth will slow down. A diabetic work boot helps to take off the pressure from the foot and you will have an easy walk. If you can stop the growth of ulcer than the infection spread will stop. Then it will be easy to treat it with IV antibiotics and medicines. It will work for the best.

Nowadays there is a doctor prescribed diabetic work boot named total contact cast. With this cast, the pressure from the foot stays constantly and it can’t be removed, this makes the result supportive of the disease feet. If you use the boot and walk, your feet will recover from the feet that don’t wear the cast boot. This boot really works. This doesn’t mean you have to wear the boot for a long time. If you can use the boot for 12 weeks continuously than the infection will heal. Normally it takes 6-8 weeks’ time to get heal.

Pros and cons of the diabetic work boot:

Yes, this work boot has benefit and disadvantage. But the benefit of the boot is so much that you can avoid the cons.


The foot ulcer will heal fast with total contact than a normal removable diabetic shoe.

Your feet will recover fast with a diabetic work boot.

This boot stops the infection spread.

When you are wearing the boot, you have to walk less as much as possible. This act will help you to heal your feet fast.

This boot helps to heal better by stopping the growth and the medicine will work fast with it.


After removing the boot, your walking life will take time to get normal. But it will hamper your feet health and the infection may come back again.

What to do to avoid foot ulcer:

If you can follow a proper management with your disease than you may prevent and treat the foot ulcer. Just you have to make a change in your lifestyle. Here is some improvement in lifestyle that will make your life a big change and treat your diabetic foot ulcer disease.

Go for checkup daily:

When you wake up or going to sleep, check your feet daily. Beware of cracks, sores, cuts, redness, tenderness, and swelling. It is not possible to see the bottom of your feet, take help from someone or use the hand mirror.

Do not remove any bumps:

Don’t go for home remedies to treat foot problem, it is for your safeness. For diabetes, you have to take advice from a doctor.

Cut your nail carefully:

When you are cutting your feet nail, you have to be extra careful. Do not cause any tear or skin break. Just cut it flat and use a filling board to make the nail blunt.

Keep your feet clean:

Clean your feet daily and it is the must. Use lukewarm water to wash and rinse your feet. After washing remember to dry the feet gently. If your doctor allows you, you can use the pumice stone to rub the feet. To keep skin dry, use cornstarch and talcum powder. You can try lotion but you have to talk with your doctor.

Keep your feet safe:

Don’t even think to walk barefooted. Diabetic patients have a nerve problem that is known as neuropathy. This condition makes the nerve system numb, so if you get hurt in the feet while walking barefooted, sometimes you will not know about it. Try to wear clean and dry socks. Go for cotton fabric as they are comfortable and keep your feet dry and soft. Try to get a shoe that will work for your feet.

A diabetic work boot is not right for everyone. Learn about diabetic boots and treatment from your doctor and get information more about foot ulcer. I think this article has enough information about why diabetic patient need work boots as well as your best work socks. Actually, this disease is not curable but you can make the disease lease damaged. So try to follow a healthy lifestyle and check with your doctor. Enjoy life without any problem.

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