Why Coolsculpting Has Become One of NYC’s Favorite Fat Reduction Treatment

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Fat reduction treatments come in all shapes and sizes. They have to, since there are so many people out there with different body builds and different kinds of fat clump concentrations, that clinics need a bunch of different treatments to account for all of them. And all of them, in their own way, are very good at treating fat buildup in areas where it’s not particularly welcome.

There’s nothing wrong with fat. Fat is a part of your body that needs to exist and without it, you’d be in a lot of trouble. The problem with fat comes when there’s too much of it and it begins to hinder certain things in life. For example, it can cause a lot of mental discomfort, as you don’t enjoy seeing it in certain areas. It can also cause a great deal of discomfort physically as well.

And so, now we have coolsculpting clinics’ newest and weirdest fat reduction procedure out there. While it may not be conventional, it is by no means any less effective at toning the fat and sculpting the body. So, let’s see what exactly this treatment is and why it’s slowly becoming a big hit with NYC clinic-goers.

The Cold is the Key

Hearing the term “burn away the fat” all your life, you’d never consider that the opposite would be just as true. But it is and as it turns out, fat cells have a natural weakness to cold. This was discovered when doctors in the 20th century noticed that some kids had less fat buildup in their cheeks. After doing some research, they found that those kids who ate more popsicles had less fat in their cheeks than those who didn’t.

As it turns out, fat cells are weak to the cold and when they come into contact with it long enough, they go through a process called “apoptosis”. Other fat reduction treatments utilize necrosis, or the destruction of fat cells from external means, such as chemical injections or the literal cutting out and removal of fat clumps. But apoptosis doesn’t require any external sources to damage the fat cells themselves, as the whole point of this process is that the fat cells actually destroy themselves.

When exposed to the cold long enough, fat cells go through apoptosis, through various stages, to eventually end up as much smaller husks of their previous selves. Once they reach the final stage of apoptosis, the body swoops in and cleans them up, leaving behind nothing. Hence that area has less fat cells and is more toned. So basically, thanks to the cold, you can stimulate your body to tone itself. No need to cut any skin open to remove the fat, no injections are needed to burn it away. You don’t have to go through complicated and painful procedures just to tone one area of the body. All that’s done is a little cold is applied to an area with fat buildup and the rest is all up to the natural order of how your body functions.

A Procedure That Cools You Off

As mentioned previously, Coolsculpting doesn’t leave any gashes, scars, stitches, bruises, or bumps. It just applies a little cold to one particular area and your body handles the rest.

The procedure involves a set of pumps being placed on your body. They stick to your skin via specialized clamps, which grasp the area of the body you need to tone. Once the vacuums are in all the right places, the cold air is pumped continuously, applying the necessary temperatures to stimulate apoptosis. This goes on for around 40 to 50 minutes maximum.

That’s a very short amount of time compared to other treatments and to make it even better: you can do anything you want while the pumps are placed on your body, well anything but moving around. You can read a book or magazine, watch TV, chat on your phone or even talk with clinic goers, who I’m sure would be happy enough to keep you company (and pretty much have to for safety reasons).

There’s no pain, other than the discomfort of feeling something pretty cold touching your skin continuously. The pumps aren’t that cold, around 4 degrees Celsius or 39 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit, a little warmer than the temperature of an average fridge. The best part about your skin is that after a while, it just gets used to the cold and you don’t feel anything. The pumps do their work, while your skin goes numb and you’re free to sit back and relax for the next half an hour.

As you can see, because it’s a non-invasive procedure and doesn’t require the surgeons to do any kind of damage to your body, whether it be incisions or injections, the overall atmosphere of the treatment room is pretty chill (pun very much intended), as there is a lot less to worry about than with other treatments.

Who to Talk To

If all this already sounds super tempting and you’re interested in trying out the treatment for yourself, and you also happen to live in NYC, then luck is on your side, because you have the opportunity to take advantage of some really great deals.

Skinly Aesthetics is one of the leading NYC clinics with Coolsculpting as one of its signature treatments. The clients love their Coolsculpting NYC treatment plan and its reasonable price which doesn’t put too much strain on your budget. It’s a great deal for anyone interested in trying it out for themselves and seeing how they can reach their dream body with just a bit of cold.

And making an appointment only takes a few minutes, thanks to the clinic’s friendly and helpful customer service, prepared to help you with any concerns you may have. So, all that remains is for you to make that final decision and call them up and ask about Coolsculpting NYC.

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