Why Celebs prefer HGH over anti-aging creams?

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In recent years, human growth hormone has become the talk of the town. More and more Hollywood celebrities are speaking in favor of HGH. These Hollywood biggies claim that after using HGH they have experienced fewer wrinkles, increased sex drive and enhanced energy levels. Although there are various anti-ageing creams and clinics at an affordable cost, but people are still going for HGH treatments. Following are some of the reasons why celebrities prefer HGH over options available at their perusal:

Hormone Deficiency Treatment:

Often, doctors prescribe HGH injections to individuals suffering from hormonal deficiency. In fact, some celebs who have experienced the benefits of these injections claim that their energy levels tend to increase and they feel younger. While HGH is banned for athletes, celebrities can still use it and reap great health benefits. Most people who are either using or have already used HGH never stop praising about the wide range of HGH benefits.

Enhances recovery:

A former studio executive who has used HGH said that he was suffering from sore knee. Upon suggestion from a friend, he used HGH and experienced immediate relief from the sore knee within a day.

Alana Stewart, a popular celeb in the Hollywood social scene, said that she experienced drastic improvement in her energy levels, which helped her feel balanced both emotionally and physically. When she started using the HGH treatment, her hairs stopped graying and she felt younger. There are various other instances in Hollywood where celebs have claimed to have experienced great results after undergoing this treatment.

Anti-aging remedy:

If you go by what Dr. Uzzi Reiss, a renowned Beverly Hills physician has to say about HGH, then you would definitely want to consider this highly used treatment option. He suggests that if HGH is administered properly, then you can expect innumerable benefits. It reduces wrinkles, increases muscle mass, bone density, and reduces body fat. This treatment also helps in improving libido, vitality and mood.

Growth and Development:

In the late 1950s, doctors began injecting HGH to various undersized or malnourished kids. The pituitary gland produces protein, which helps in stimulating the growth of bones, cells, muscles, and tissues. However, these supplies were limited to only some patients. In 1985, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) gave approval for the usage of synthetic HGH, which was believed to have similar results.

Negative aspects of HGH:

While there are numerous celebs talking benefits of HGH, there are few who also talk about its negatives. Some of its shortcomings include:

High Cost:

People who rely on HGH treatment, spend thousands of dollars every year. This explains why FDA has not yet approved HGH.

Increased Pain:

While there are numerous merits of FDA, but people have also complained joint pain as well swelling. These issues mild and treatable, but it is advisable to get it resolved immediately.

Long-term risks:

There are quite a few risks involved with the HGH treatment. In recent years, experts have expressed their concerns about this treatment. They believe that the HGH treatment can increase heart risk failure, cancer and diabetes.

To conclude, some Hollywood celebs can go to any extent for appearing good and feeling youthful. In fact, they will pay thousands of dollars for the same. However, you must understand while these injections might be helpful in the long run, but if you use them without training, then you might have to face repercussions. If used in moderation and with caution, HGH injections can enhance your libido, energy levels and body strength.

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